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Marianne Williamson

Activist, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur. 2020 candidate for President of the United States. #marianne2020

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It’s not a race war. It’s an American struggle for justice.

That was not my tweet. It is completely fake, and I would never have said those words.

From Covid to George Floyd incident, America’s showing the worst of who we are but also the best of who we are. When you think of bigots in govt or on the streets, remember too all the people standing up for goodness in govt & on the streets. And goodness is going to win this.

Bryan Stevenson on Fareed Zakaria today a must-see.

This was my talking at the second Democratic debate about reparations...

The political class needs to recognize that it has lost this round. And it has lost it because it deserves to lose; it does not have the truth of justice or moral clarity on its side. Time to come the table and say, “Okay, let’s deal.” Nothing short of that will fix this.

This video expressed truth so relevant today. The campaign is over but my argument remains. (The only thing that’s changed is that where I said $200B-$500B, I moved the floor to $500B.)

@ParrotheadPain  No person of goodwill on either the right or left supports those who perpetrate violence. But the protests themselves are not based on violence; they are based on an appropriate demand for justice.

@jmspina  @katmadisonI  agree. Perhaps it’s less about listening now, and more about doing something significant about the things we’ve already heard.


Pete and Amy both endorsing Biden tonight. They must’ve read “Art of the Deal” :)

The Democratic establishment has got to stop smearing women it finds inconvenient! The character assassination of women who don’t toe the party line will backfire. Stay strong @TulsiGabbard  . You deserve respect and you have mine.

If you’re about to think “Oh no, I might not be able to get this or that at the grocery store,” take a moment to consider how US sanctions have effected people in Cuba, Iran & Venezuela. Millions of people for whom life has been made so hard. These are ways we can grow from this.

America, something went wrong here tonight and it wasn’t just an app. If an app goes down, there are such things as telephones. Then a moderate candidate came out and made this weird victory speech, while MSM started talking about what a good night this was for Mike Bloomberg. 🤔

FDR didn’t just pull us out of the Depression. He fundamentally altered economic/banking/political rules so it wouldn’t happen again. Several decades ago we started dismantling some of the very protections that FDR created, so crony capitalists could party more. And here we are.

I haven’t endorsed anyone because there’s more than one good progressive and everyone has to vote their conscience. But I submit to my supporters that someone with no real agenda and no real vision for our country beyond a vague notion of inclusion is nothing but a corporate tool

I’m praying this morning for the protesters in Hong Kong and for those who love them. May peace and understanding prevail.