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Mark James Pothier

Boston Globe writer and editor; half of the Boston band Adventure Set; pseudo mountain climber. Opinions, smart or otherwise, could be mine.

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#Boston 's new 'All Inclusive #tourism  campaign is out to show that the city in 2021 isn't nearly a #racist  a #SNL  believes. Likely to stir some controversy, but it's a lot more intriguing than duck boat scenes and aerials of Fenway. via @BostonGlobe 

Paul #Pierce , the latest celebrity behaving badly on social media. I suspect he'll be able to get with a paycheck from #ESPN . via @BostonGlobe 

I’m ready to eat outdoors again. A few more degrees and some sun would help.

If you own a house in Massachusetts, you could get a lot of money by selling now. But then what? #homesales  via @BostonGlobe 

This is how I de-stress. A walk along the waterfront near my hometown in #Plymouth , MA.

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Yes, the economy is opening up, but the recovery has a ways to go. Before the #pandemic , 220,000 weekly #jobless  claims were the norm. This is more than 3 times that. via @BostonGlobe 

Savoring my pandemic revisit to #TheSopranos ," the series that changed everything. Season 6, Episode 7, Christopher meets - and later mugs - the great Lauren Bacall. He tells her, "You were great in 'The Haves and the Have-nots.'"

Another week without Mass. #RMV  inspection stickers? Big deal. I know people who have been driving around with an expired one since the #Obama  administration. First term. via @BostonGlobe 


There have been 85 pet deaths on flights in 3 years. United had 41 of them. Even before this news, I couldn't imagine taking a dog on a plane. via

Just what you'd want from a president: declaring crash a terrorist attack, without evidence. via @BostonGlobe 

"The campus sexual assault panic..has now reached its peak. A return to sanity is called for." via @BostonGlobe 

Sandra #Bland  video shows cops are to blame for her arrest and death. via @slate 

Increasingly over the years, I have noticed people at #Starbucks  who take a paper from the rack, read it while they have coffee, and then put it back. No problem with paying $5 for a drink, but unwilling to support real #journalism .

12 pages of death notices in today’s print version of the @BostonGlobe . Unprecedented. #CoronavirusPandemic 

200 newspapers have now joined the @BostonGlobe 's freedom of the press editorial campaign. via @BostonGlobe 

North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ law is drawing a big backlash from businesses. via @voxdotcom