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Senior International Correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Now based in London, after stops in Moscow, the Middle East, and Beijing. DMs open.

“A terrorist is someone who spreads fear... These days, who is the one spreading terror?” Interesting @nvanderklippe ⁩ piece on Narendra Modi and Kashmir

Disturbing. Not hard to imagine the same happening in Canada, either...

The murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze - and the impunity of those who ordered it - has haunted Ukraine for 20 years. Could the only man convicted in the killing be released? “Pukach is only a weapon of the system. He got an order and he fulfilled it.”

The most disturbing Twitter is right-wingers-hating-on-a-16-year-old-climate-activist Twitter.

@hel1n_a  Not @nycsouthpaw  saying it’s rational. But if Corbyn really wanted it to work, he’d likely have to offer to let someone else act as PM until an election is called...

The awkward truth is that this gambit to stop a no-deal Brexit might work if it were anyone but Jeremy Corbyn who stood to become interim PM...

Torn magazine covers and smiled faced arguments about trade figures - Great @jonathanvswan ⁩ scoop revealing Trump and Trudeau’s bizarre pen-pal diplomacy


There’s a new Top Gun movie coming out. And Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket - only this time it’s Communist Party of China-approved, so the Japanese and Taiwanese flag patches are gone (screenshot on right is from the new trailer)...

So, to recap the last few hours: China appears to have kidnapped the head of Interpol, Saudi Arabia allegedly killed a journalist inside its consulate in Turkey, and a guy credibly accused of sexual assault was just given a lifetime app it met to the US Supreme Court.

Man accidentally comes up with perfect metaphor for 14 years of the "War On Terror."

Refugee centre in Winnipeg, Canada says it's full and can take in no more refugees fleeing the United States

Israel just allowed the mail to be delivered in Palestine. Ten tonnes of it just arrived in Jericho for sorting, some of it eight years old...

“A very important figure in the history of the KGB-Mafia alliance”? Or is Boris Birshtein just a remarkably well-connected businessman who happens to have known Vladimir Putin - and whose son-in-law later partnered with Donald Trump? My investigation

Carney asks room of reporters, bankers whether any feel Bank of England's warnings about Brexit have not proven correct. Response is silence

An accredited journalist was just wrestled out of the Helsinki summit press conference by security. He had made a sign that said “Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,” hoping that holding it up would get the attention of Trump and Putin so he could ask a question about it

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