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Latest Scoops

Is Pelosi mentally competent? Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. She sounds like a rambling fool. https://t.co/hq6gMT3lSM
My acceptance speech into the 2018 Radio Hall of Fame. https://t.co/3mlqeFMknh
Watch Sean Hannity introduce me at the 2018 Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony. https://t.co/enHOkgGaMP
Trump kicks Schumer’s ass over the border on national TV https://t.co/TnWTbfgF6v
Trump kicks Schumer’s ass over the border on national TV https://t.co/uY25Pq7ktn
Let’s demand the name of every member of Congress who has ever signed a non-disclosure agreement for any reason, especially every member of the House Judicatory Committee. And let’s start with the top ignoramus,... https://t.co/RstGxUqEVo
As I pointed out last August, if the SDNY is right, then numerous members of Congress should be indicted and expelled. What say you media? What say you Nadler? https://t.co/IoQSGYcwXb
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