Pres Trump / National Christmas Tree Ellipse

Pres and Mrs Trump count down to light National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse.

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Pres Trump / National Christmas Tree Ellipse

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Freebies, in limited dose, are good for economy. It makes more money available to poor, hence boosts demand. However, it shud be done in such limits so that no extra taxes have to be imposed and it does not lead to budget deficits

Alexander Hamilton described exactly the kind of president we should fear. Remind you of anyone?

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To not have a fair trial, To have no evidence from the people who actually saw what happened, Because President Trump is blocking witnesses and documents, And because Senator McConnell is blocking witnesses and documents, It is wrong.

Today’s arguments show the overwhelming need to get the witnesses and documents here we called for. Mulvaney Bolton Duffey Blair We will not stop fighting to hear from the people who actually saw what happened and to see the documents.

I'm going to share every individual's story with the world via social media. You are of tender age, but the work that you've done is mammoth: PM Modi

Ringing in my head as I leave tonight: Right matters. Truth matters. The chamber was rapt with attention as Congressman Schiff closed tonight with a stirring, powerful challenge to do our patriotic duty.

Today, we concluded our visit to Israel for the #World HolocaustForum ceremony with the presence and the personal narratives of Holocaust survivors. Their powerful stories of survival are critical lessons to the world to make sure this never happens again.

The final two months of 2019 brought record-breaking funds to @Senate_Fund  and other outside groups supporting Senate Republicans.