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All day long I drink coffee and stare into a screen that beams the worst of humanity directly into my brain and yet my anxiety hasn’t gotten any better?
Looking in an old box I found my notebook from the @blink182 untitled album.
I miss MCS and MCR. What the hell, guys?!
we spoil horses and house them in stables and feed them oats and brush them and wash them and give them blankets when it's cold but with cows we're like okay you're a hamburger and you're car seats and you're a rug and we're gonna pump your udders dry and make a wheel of cheese.
Pass on this so hard I throw my back out.
I’m in Santa Monica and the moms from Soul Cycle just got in a vicious rumble with the moms from Cycle House. Cops arrived in full riot gear. There’s kombucha everywhere.
This moth knows what’s up.
e e cummings is never able to send an email.

because. you know. he doesn’t use punctuation. and when you address an email. the @ and the .com.

you know?
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