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“What’s My Age Again” and Eminem’s “My Name Is” came out the same year and to this day interviewers ask about our song “What’s My Name Again.”
sorry about slack going down today. i needed the bandwidth to download hyrule warriors and something had to give, so i unplugged their server. 😬
Still feel let down that when he got frozen in carbonite, Han Solo made a damn crybaby face like waaa you little baby whatever happened to cocky never tell me odds Han, huh?!
@KimmyMonte By age 35 you should know what to say and I don’t want you guys in my life and you want to do that again you do not have a good life.

Wow my predictive text is in a sour mood today.
I AM THE EMBARGO BREAKER!! Happy birthday Debby! Good times with good friends tonight. Namaste.
I realize I say this a lot, but for real the royal wedding was my idea.
I got you. Simple carbs like a donut, or do you prefer ancient grains?
here's the thing about the movie WALL-E: how does a plant grow inside a closed refrigerator in the first place?! plot hole? once again, i am on the case. 🕵🏻‍♂️
Parents! Here’s a little ditty I wrote for my son at breakfast today which you may use to brighten the mood of your home.
🎶When a scone hits your head like a big piece of bread that’s a croissant🎶
Also my son is 15 and thought the song was the dumbest thing ever. He’s right.
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