Mark Hillary????

Mark Hillary????

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India variant could seriously disrupt lifting of lockdown, says Boris Johnson#UK 

You have to hand it to Derek Warfield and the Young @wolfetones  - every Friday night for 53 weeks now they have put on a livestream gig IE 🪕🥁🎻 #Irish  #Ireland 

World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Is Spooked by Covid Spike #Seychelles  #Covid19 

Go maskless? Some Americans skeptical of new guidelines, other say it's high time

Trump killed the old GOP — and he’s getting away with the murder

In which pub can you get 124 pints for £382? Have these researchers ever been to London? #pub  #pubs 

So @MadnessNews  is providing background music for the news right now


Myself, and every other Brit I know in Brazil only received ballot papers a couple of days before the 2016 vote - it was impossible for all UK citizens here to vote... and almost certainly in other countries too

Donald Trump brands NHS hospitals 'sea of blood' with 'everybody being stabbed' - this is why Piers Morgan is better known as Piers Moron #TrumpUKVisit 

What is it? Why are so many middle-aged white males scared of women like #MeghanMarkle  and #GretaThunberg ??? I’m in the same demographic but I think they are doing a great job helping people improve the world - what is it I’m missing?

UK fishing boats can no longer sell their shellfish to the EU and now the boats are gathering dust - who could have predicted this? #Brexit 

Jared Kushner’s biggest real estate gaffe just got a shady Qatari bailout - <- no conflict of interest here eh?

Hospitals overwhelmed as Covid cases surge in Osaka — seems like a good idea to host a global sporting event with 1% of the nation vaccinated 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ #tokyo2020 

The more I read on Stephen Doughty's resignation the less I trust @BBCNews  what a shame to have to say that now

Good to see that @BBCNews  readers are more focused on @Toblerone  than #USElections2016 

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