Mark Hillary????

Mark Hillary????

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The #Hollywood  sign in 1978 wasn't quite the tourist attraction it is now

This is why changes in working practices, such as #GigCX  and #WFH , are becoming so important - people are rejecting the model of work defined during the industrial revolution and saying they want more flexibility... #work 

Bill Gates says meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were ‘huge mistake’

‘Woke means you lose’: Donald Trump rails at USWNT after Olympic bronze

Row as Boris Johnson says Thatcher gave UK 'early start' in climate change fight by closing coal mines

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Legacy IT systems costing UK taxpayers billions to keep going…

Listening to a bio of #Mozart  - wrote his first symphony at 8… I think I was just mastering my skateboard at 8 🛹😂😂 @audible_com 

Amazon delays office return until 2022 as Covid spreads


I need a suggestion... can anyone recommend an old-school coder, someone who I can talk to to learn about the experience of punch cards and other pre-magnetic tape or disk storage systems? Any ideas appreciated - for a book interview... could be an individual or company #Coding 

UK fishing boats can no longer sell their shellfish to the EU and now the boats are gathering dust - who could have predicted this? #Brexit 

Even here in a small mountain town in Brazil, the streets are being disinfected daily

Over 70% of British theatres will close this year if nothing changes, but it's Robbie Savage who gets to appear on the ministerial briefing #covid19  #coronavirus  #MattHancock  #RobbieSavage  #artsapocalypse 

Hospitals overwhelmed as Covid cases surge in Osaka — seems like a good idea to host a global sporting event with 1% of the nation vaccinated 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ #tokyo2020 

It’s well known that #dominiccummngs  is an unreliable witness but his description of the #Boris Johnson government is like an absolute car crash 💥 The UK needs real accountability - Johnson, Patel, Hancock etc cannot hide behind the NHS vaccine success 💉 #Inquiry  needed ASAP

Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying from strokes

Only the Rich Could Love This Economic Recovery