Mark Hillary????

Mark Hillary????

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Unsealed court records just revealed whole Trump family faces criminal charges -

What is it? Why are so many middle-aged white males scared of women like #MeghanMarkle  and #GretaThunberg ??? I’m in the same demographic but I think they are doing a great job helping people improve the world - what is it I’m missing?

Jared Kushner’s biggest real estate gaffe just got a shady Qatari bailout - <- no conflict of interest here eh?

Myself, and every other Brit I know in Brazil only received ballot papers a couple of days before the 2016 vote - it was impossible for all UK citizens here to vote... and almost certainly in other countries too

The more I read on Stephen Doughty's resignation the less I trust @BBCNews  what a shame to have to say that now

...defend Uxbridge, whatever the cost may be. We shall hide from GMB in the fridges, we shall hide from Andrew Neil on the landing grounds, we shall fight Jennifer Arcuri in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight with Darius Guppy in the hills; we shall never surrender

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Steve Jones and Chris Parker - yesterday homeless beggars and now heroes I hope #Manchester  helps these guys now