It's easy to make fun of billiionaires' warnings on climate change, but don't underestimate the power of talk at Davos

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Congratulations to the Bloomberg campaign consultants Your plan to have Mike faceplant tonight so he has to spend hundreds of millions more on ads that you get a percentage of worked very well

Amy Klobuchar’s exchanges with Pete Buttigieg remind me of every experienced, professional woman who is fed up with a less experienced man being up for the same promotion. #DemDebate 

Damn I wish there was NBA basketball on tonight ...

34 total attacks in the first 20 minutes at the #DemDebate . Joe Biden is the only candidate who hasn't been attacked yet.

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I think it's crazy that we are basically a few months away from there not being any medicine in our hospitals because China is shut down and we're discussing how to finance the medicine that won't exist.

@MikeBloomberg  is waking up to the reality of what it’s like to be a Democrat and it’s not pretty for him

Bloomberg accomplished one thing- He let tons of people who didn't know much about him before tonight realize they hate him

What in the world is Klobuchar doing to Pete?!? It's pixelated. I think that's a first for a political debate.