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Berlin's builders are taking to the streets in protest against a plan to freeze rents in the city

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Here’s how the Saudis allegedly hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone, and how to protect yourself.

India has not just made life unnecessarily difficult for foreign-owned e-commerce players like Amazon; it also changed the rules of the game. via @bopinion 

Commonwealth Bank Group revises interest rate call. Rates now tipped to remain steady in February#ausbiz  #ausecon  #markets  #auspol  #commsec  #fx  #rates  @RBAInfo 

'Writing my Latino novel': Satirical reactions to 'American Dirt' flood Twitter

$AMZN $SPOT Amazon Music isn't even close to catching Spotify, despite 55M listeners

Wuhan authorities have so far prepared 5,400 ward beds for coronavirus treatment - Caixin

Who will be the first to get Charged in British Columbia @Dave_Eby  @steeletalk  @DonutShorts  @BenRabidoux 

This weekend on @HSN  I'll show you what you need to organize your financial life and protect your future. #SuzeOnHSN 

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PBOC conducts targeted MLF: 1 year loans, 3.15%, 240.5bn yuan