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. @moneillsf ⁩ making statement about her attendance at Bobby Storey funeral - says she would never set out to compound any family’s grief

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. @SteveAikenUUP  tells @BBCevex  that “at the bare minimum” @moneillsf  “needs to come to the Assembly and explain herself”

. @J_Donaldson_MP  says it would be very difficult for @DUPleader  to go ahead with joint news conference with @moneillsf  this afternoon in the current circumstances

. @J_Donaldson_MP  says @DUPleader  has written to @moneillsf  setting out their latest position - significant intervention on @BBCNolan 

Updated guidance for funeral directors published on @healthdpt  website tonight Para 54 removes maximum number allowed inside place of worship or funeral home replacing it with those who can attend safely while observing 2 metre social distancing

. @moneillsf  : “I am also concerned that those grieving families are experiencing more hurt over recent days. I am sorry for that.”

. @DUPleader  says latest statement from @moneillsf  falls short of what is required & she will consult other parties (there is talk at Stormont of 4 parties backing a no confidence motion)

. @DUPleader  says if you leave aside debates between 10 people or 30 attending funerals “this was a mass gathering which goes against the regulations “


DUP sources say the party has not dropped its opposition to the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. PMs come & go they say but the trade & constitutional issues involved in the deal & the backstop live on

The most recent NI related clip from the now NI Sec Brandon Lewis - telling Andrew Marr there won't be a border down the Irish Sea

Last week I tweeted about regulations being more important than tariffs in no deal and officials worrying NI agri-food facing EU “blockade”. Some accused me of scaremongering. And this week....

. @M_McGuinness_SF  is resigning as DFM with effect from 5pm over RHI scandal - 7 day clock ticking towards election

So from June 8th, provided the R number stays down, dogs in NI can get groomed but humans can’t

Final First Preference Votes #LE19  in Northern Ireland DUP 24.1% SF 23.2% UUP 14.1% SDLP 12% APNI 11.5% TUV 2.2% GRN 2.1% PBPA 1.4% AONT 1.1% PUP 0.8% UKIP 0.4%