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Congrats to the @nytimes on their new "Divorces We Caused" section
New from @Fahrenthold and Co.: Trump's Mar-a-Lago used to host some of Palm Beach's swankiest events. Not so much anymore https://t.co/9tal51sXnL
Frustrated by the Trump administration, some foreign leaders are bypassing D.C. and looking instead to American governors and mayors https://t.co/GDqhI17Wfm
me: god you know who I can't stand? Doug
you: [very loud whisper] Doug's right behind you
tfw you think the conference call ended and started ragging on your boss
"Many ordinary residents of this city of about 6.5 million start the day scanning mobile apps that track live reports of gunfire before planning their commutes." https://t.co/fsjvf72w4p
"Trump often has a complicated routine of keeping up with polls — which paint a dismal picture ... getting upset privately, while blustering and calling them 'fake' in public" https://t.co/6r28nmtDh5
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