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Education gone wrong – riots reveal this about nation's colleges, professors

FINALLY government makes face coverings compulsory on public transport. Why the delay? My column from six weeks ago: “We were too slow on PPE and testing. Now the Government needs to act quickly to clarify the confusion on face masks.” via @Femail 

England and Australia have ~70% as many police officers per capita as the U.S. And in a given year those police officers kill approximately 1%-5% as many people, also per capita.

Sudan's new government has banned female genital mutilation (FGM) What must be done to ensure the practice stops, in a country where it is so deeply embedded?

‘There is no substitute on part of the citizenry when our elected leaders fail us. We have to find and elect the leaders who will stand for the best of what our nation is and can be.’ — Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde hit the nail on the head

Iran fears second wave after surge in coronavirus cases

Oxford college heads stand with black students to fight against systemic racism | Letter

DC mayor says no curfew tonight after day of zero arrests during George Floyd protests

JUST IN: There will be NO countywide curfew for Los Angeles County Thursday evening into Friday morning. However, individual cities may institute their own curfews.

Virginia governor announces removal of Robert E Lee statue