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Latest Scoops

Protectionism 'doomed to failure': China's Xi says in swipe at U.S. https://t.co/sUTfPVqvOR via @rapplerdotcom
Duterte to skip APEC events due to 'urgent domestic developments' https://t.co/APIerOjDwl via @rapplerdotcom
Barbra Streisand on getting political: ‘Truth has always worked for me’ https://t.co/8DjEjrrAvl via @rapplerdotcom
Hong Kong lawyers demand explanation over journalist ban https://t.co/PNwz79hwcW via @rapplerdotcom
Carpio rebuffs Duterte: China doesn't possess South China Sea https://t.co/umiKbRDdpQ via @rapplerdotcom
Robredo: Marcos ‘confused’ for asking SC anew to stop using ballot images https://t.co/rffZ3FhTFJ via @rapplerdotcom
Galvez says gains in Mindanao 'cannot be sustained' without martial law https://t.co/pRZHoDKmos via @rapplerdotcom
Hmmm - Duterte likens Magdalo party to ISIS https://t.co/OrdbhvUSsN via @rapplerdotcom
Duterte to skip last day of APEC summit https://t.co/dQNbftBsRA via @rapplerdotcom
Duterte wrongly claims ICC judges are all 'white' https://t.co/NSMJnyptOh via @rapplerdotcom
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