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Good morning from Manila! "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." Abraham Maslow

Thank you to the @NobelPrize  Committee for the spotlight on journalists and our battle for facts. To my friends & family, @rapplerdotcom  supporters, thank you for helping us #HoldTheLine . Please give me a few days to respond to the messages you've sent! :)

(1/6) Information operations now moving against me, cementing "journalist=criminal." Keng's lawyers and the Palace have similar messaging: it's the media attacking a "private individual. This isn't true. Please help me spread my response below. @rapplerdotcom  #CourageON 

I've been getting up at 5am since April to write before beginning each day's work. It's cathartic, horrific, and very inspiring :) #CourageON  #HoldTheLine  Thanks, @hollyoven , for cover design & look forward to working together, ! @hanateraiewood 

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On the way to court, this time for tax evasion. These political charges make me laugh. That’s all you can do when law is weaponized against journalists.

The House approves a holiday for the man kicked out by a people power revolt in 1986 ... who stole between $5-$10bn ... this is how we codify historical revisionism with a captured legislature.

(1/3) We called out Facebook’s excesses in 2016, comparing Mark Zuckerberg to Rodrigo Duterte and demanding an end to impunity. We presented the data from the Philippines, which whistleblower Christopher Wylie called ‘the Petri dish’ and which Facebook called ‘ground zero’.