Marco Rubio

No reason to believe the #coronavirus  is “contained” in #China . The numbers they are releasing are fake. Their primary goal isn’t addressing the virus,it’s their global image. We have no idea what the true numbers are but they are without a doubt higher than what they admit to.

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If you are, or know someone who is dealing with domestic abuse while having to remain at home, contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) text: LOVE IS (22522)

The #USNSMercy  and #USNSComfort  hospital ships are providing much needed relief to Los Angeles and New York in the fight against the coronavirus. My sincere thanks to all the service members and health care workers on board right now working to save lives.

What’s the justification for cable networks broadcasting Trump’s daily briefings? These aren’t news briefings. They're full of dangerous lies that put the public's health at risk. Boycott the propaganda. Listen to public health experts.

Republicans started the cycle with the advantage, but Democrats have had reason for optimism of late.

About 24 social leaders have been murdered in 2020, at least 8 during the quarantine.

Learn more about how the bipartisan CARES Act will help provide critical support to Washington state hospitals, workers, small businesses, and hard-hit families and communities as we continue working to address the coronavirus pandemic.

Life continues to unfold, even in the midst of the #coronavirus  pandemic. That includes the most consequential FOIA battle in a generation: Judicial Watch’s long fight for records related to Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Benghazi affair. Read:

ROGER STONE: Farewell To John Sears — A Man Pivotal To The Rise Of Ronald Reagan

Beyond pandmic, the world now faces another danger: that when the virus recedes, many countries will be far less democratic than they were before March 2020.

A company that is partially owned by the Chinese government bought bulk quantities of thermometers, masks, and antibacterial wipes from Australia and Canada and shipped them back to China.