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Uh-oh. Amy Coney Barrett gets on the Court for a 6-3 right wing majority, and it takes barely six months for them to take up a case threatening Roe v. Wade.

AT&T and Discovery said they will combine their content assets to create a standalone global entertainment and media business. More here:

"It is weird to have any investing strategy other than 'buy Dogecoin or Bitcoin when Elon Musk tweets nice things about them, and sell them when he tweets bad things about them.' What is finance, these days, but that? “ via @matt_levine 

Whoa! Biden is going to raise cap gains to 54%?!?

#Bitcoin slipped to about $42,200 early today, a 3.5-month low. Price recoveries remain limited, evidenced by several months of slowing momentum, suggesting that sellers remain in control. Watch Chart of the Day, sponsored by @monaco_card :

Coinbase said Monday it plans to sell $1.25 billion of convertible debt, the same day its stock closed below its $250 reference price for the first time.

⚡️The billionaire boom: how the super-rich soaked up Covid cash ⚡️

The median price for a home in California climbs above $800,000 for the first time