Thompson / Iguodala / Curry

@mb_sports  -Klay Thompson 18 points, 4/7 shooting, 8/8 free throws -Andre Iguodala 11 points -Steph Curry 9 points, three assists | vi #NBAFinalsa  @mb_sports 

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Thompson / Iguodala / Curry

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Damian Lillard on the antics of Patrick Beverly and Paul George down the stretch of today’s game. Lillard unloads.

Don’t miss a really important element of this $KODK story - Even if the deal is postponed Even if the deal gets cancelled The trading activity the took place over the last 3 weeks requires serious investigations This could be one of the most egregious pump & dumps in history

Pres Trump plans to sign EOs that will: -Defer payroll tax until to the end of year & be retroactive to July 1 -Enhance unemployment benefits until end of 2020 -Defer student loans and forgive interest until further notice -Extend eviction moratoriums Legal challenges expected.

Protesters in Lebanon stormed several government ministries as violent protests gripped Beirut. More than 200 people have been injured and one member of the Lebanese security forces died, officials say.

We share our heartfelt condolences with our friend PM @narendramodi  and all the people of India affected by the tragic plane accident, and the recent flooding. You remain in our prayers during these difficult times.

Members and visitors at Trump golf club also gathering to watch the president's press conference. Most wearing masks.

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Brace yourself for what’s expected to be the first U.S. presidential election conducted mostly by mail. It’s likely to be a wild ride, with as many as three in four Americans expected to embrace the option. But a vote-by-mail election is complicated.

1 out of 3 kids hospitalized for the coronavirus was admitted to the ICU, a CDC analysis finds. Hispanic children were about 8 times as likely as white children to be hospitalized, while Black children were 5 times as likely.

@realDonaldTrump  says democrats want bailout money for democratic states that has nothing to do with virus. Fact-check: Governors across the country are hammered by pandemic costs. He is at his luxurious NJ golf resort before going to fundraisers in wealthy Hamptons@MSNBC