Mandy St. Amand

Mandy St. Amand

Digital editor at and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Biker, skier, baker, Cardinals fan, country music lover. One tat.

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@kirstiealley  Speak for yourself there on who misses the dude who made fun of a 12 year old girl, an actor with Parkinson's, people dying of AIDS....

Piece of bread with peanut butter and banana slices for lunch and man was it good

For the record, watching @AllCreaturesTV  for the past seven weeks has been one of the joys of the pandemic. I gave my dad the books long ago, and cherish re-reading them to this day.

Started the 2021 bike season for real today with a sweet 20 miles. Feb. 23, one week after 10 inches of snow and today, 60-plus and sunny

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Got six phone notifications on Tiger Woods today. Had to pick at least one from which to unsubscribe. Sorry, @KMOV 

Dear people who should know better: Bright blue eye shadow is not cool.

If you don’t read @DNemanFood  you should. At least this one. I am dying via @stltoday 

@MarshaBlackburn @NancyPelosiHow  @SenSchumer  DARE the Democrats support libraries! Shouldn't they be burning books like you might prefer, Marsha???


God's nightgown! You have nothing else to do but attack if someone hurts your tender snowflake feelings?

#Ferguson: Sharpton said some are angry and out of control; others are taking advantage. There's a difference between activist and thug

This may be the first time a news organization literally needs a penis emoji #GOPDebate 

Dear senders of holiday cards: your card is from the Mitchells, NOT the Mitchell’s. The Smiths, not the Smith’s. Thank you.

No, Ted, Nixon was not impeached.He resigned in disgrace before that could happen.

Thank you for your service, Ms. Giffords. I have immense respect for you and your husband.

Reporter, looking around the newsroom: "where is everybody? Oh, this is everybody." @OHnewsroom 

#Ferguson Sharpton's 3 things - 2. We want to deal with the militarization of police in this country. We saw millions of $$ roll down

We @stltoday ⁩ stand proudly with journalists across our nation: #nottheenemy 

Give a big round of "this is one tough son of a gun" to Myron Schlafman of North Dakota via @stltoday