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I can tell you what the late farmers' union leader Sharad Joshi told me about income tax on agriculture. Will do it some other day. There's enough fun already. #FarmersProtests  #FarmBills2020 

Social coalitions and political coalitions are part of democracy. If BJP can sup with LJP and dine with JDU after breakfast with AIADMK and lunch with JJP, don't be surprised by #ShaheenBagh  and #Azad  folks in #FarmerPolitics 

Q: How did the Gujju advertising whizkid become a pharma tycoon? A: He landed in New York for a business deal and told the cabbie to take him to Medicine Avenue.

Scientists make informed decisions based on known facts. Leaders make strategic decisions in a world no information is enough or perfect and exploration and waits can never be enough #COVID ー19 #CovidVaccine 

We must expand the definition of infrastructure to include affordable education and public health.

WhatsApp forward with video points to farmers riding Boleros and Scorpios to #farmersagitation  . It is a fair question. #FarmBills2020  need close examination. If it is a fight between fatcat farmers and usurious corporate tycoons, how should we move? #FarmersProtests 


Don't go by #Sadhguru  's views alone on #CitizenshipAmendmentAct  . Wait for other Constitutional experts including Sri Sri, Baba Ramdev & others to attain supreme enlightenment #CAAProtest 

Fact 1: You want permanent seat in the UNSC Fact 2: Amnesty leaves your country Fact 3: You say you are not like China. Fact 4: The world knows how to read between the lines #AmnestyInternationalIndia 

India has in the past bought Jaguars from the UK, Mirage 2000s from France. The current hype over #Rafale  is bizarre. The rational explanation is that it is designed to impress Gen X voters who.have no sense of history and are visually awed. Seduction of the innocent.

Employees of multinationals in Gurgaon being asked not to join protests. Can you imagine the same companies doing this in California? Now any quitting worker can cite this as reason and sue the company as this affects civil rights. #NRC_CAA 

Raghuram Rajan tells @sardesairajdeep  that India lost upwards of Rs100,000 crore from #DeMonetisation  & benefits are vague or insignificant

Oh my God. spokesman just goofed big-time on prime-time. asks him how got IAF attack casualty number and he replies it is an intelligent "guess". Very poor coordination in party back office. First wicket to fall since #Pulwama 

Consider the irony. AAP government in Delhi cannot hire advisors but central government will get joint secretaries on lateral hire

By the way, @ImranKhanPTI  has a degree in political science from Oxford. Interesting trivia on an interesting day. #ImranKhan 

Faizabad to be renamed #Ayodhya , with #YogiAdityanath  saying the name represents India's "Aan, baan aur shaan". All three words are Urdu. Ama isey kahte hain Freudian slip.