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This time for the instrumental interludes Rimjhim Gire Sawan by Kishore Kumar

They drew a line of blood with their swords But they could not kill the songs The notes took a million lives Told stories of souls and heartbeats Flew over borders Flowed with rivers Where the earth mocked their vanities --MN,2021

Prem Shankar Jha gives a comprehensive take on #Covid19InIndia  and what went wrong and when

People desperately trying to salvage reputations remind me of cricket in which after the ball has become frayed, pacemen secretly put vaseline or spit on it to rub and make it shine.

Note to #COVID19  survivors, caregivers and all:. End of quarantine, fever doesn't mean it is all normal again at once. Recovery is gradual. Best to avoid exertion and excercise precautions

Nothing in Vedas, Puranas and Shastras, he says. But Hinduism is not so simple. It doesn't necessarily or wholly follow any of these. There are many sects and philosophies within the Hindu fold. Plus the right to choose & interpret #SwaminaryanInsultsHindus 

I was on @BDUTT  's show on @themojo_in  discussing why we need accountability on . #COVID19IndiaMy  main part is at 34 minutes. #COVIDSecondWave 

I will be on Radio Zindagi, leading South Asian station in North America, on Saturday May 15 at 9.30 pm India time, discussing #CovidIndia  and leadership issues with @ShobhanSaxena  Available on Apple and Google podcasts as well. Streaming on FB at


Professors of WhatsApp University are complaining about propaganda. This is interesting.

Tax raids on @taapsee  unearthed used Horlicks bottles made by GlaxoSmithKline, suggesting a British MI5 link. A Webster's dictionary at #AnuragKashyap 's residence pointed to the CIA. Further investigations have been handed over to the Department of Republic TV #taapseepannu 

Don't go by #Sadhguru  's views alone on #CitizenshipAmendmentAct  . Wait for other Constitutional experts including Sri Sri, Baba Ramdev & others to attain supreme enlightenment #CAAProtest 

When Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency, we saw Vajpayee, JP, George Fernandes and Advani become #Andolanjeevis  . Just like Ambedkar,Gandhi and Lohia before Independence. #Andolanjeevi  #Andolanjivi 

Employees of multinationals in Gurgaon being asked not to join protests. Can you imagine the same companies doing this in California? Now any quitting worker can cite this as reason and sue the company as this affects civil rights. #NRC_CAA 

Raghuram Rajan tells @sardesairajdeep  that India lost upwards of Rs100,000 crore from #DeMonetisation  & benefits are vague or insignificant

India has in the past bought Jaguars from the UK, Mirage 2000s from France. The current hype over #Rafale  is bizarre. The rational explanation is that it is designed to impress Gen X voters who.have no sense of history and are visually awed. Seduction of the innocent.

Oh my God. spokesman just goofed big-time on prime-time. asks him how got IAF attack casualty number and he replies it is an intelligent "guess". Very poor coordination in party back office. First wicket to fall since #Pulwama 

Consider the irony. AAP government in Delhi cannot hire advisors but central government will get joint secretaries on lateral hire

By the way, @ImranKhanPTI  has a degree in political science from Oxford. Interesting trivia on an interesting day. #ImranKhan