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Western Massachusetts is showing off today. @mkusek01060 says this Women’s March is the biggest protest he’s ever seen in Northampton (for here, that’s something)... and then! Epic ice fishing powered by sloppy joe’s from Ashfield Lake House.
Tears and a group hug.
“In any other administration, evidence that the president paid hush money to the star of ‘Good Will Humping’ during the election would be a scandal...” https://t.co/ZBi9HTg4lx
my favorite line in the new Fusion transcript is on the second-to-last page...
How you know you're getting through, I guess?

“The White House counsel has a big, crucially important job. It does not include helping different witnesses in the same investigation to keep their stories straight” https://t.co/jrSpFWc6q3
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