Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and Washington Bureau Chief at the Chicago Sun-Times. Was columnist at the late PoliticsDaily.

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What @SenDuckworth  said to her daughter when she didn't know the mute was off in a Senate Democrat conference call:

Just now: @amyklobuchar  Husband John, hit with #coronavirus  released from hospital "and is now recovering at home. Thanks to those who cared for him and for all front line health care workers.”

New House social distancing rules for Friday#coronavirus  bill vote: during debate, access to the Floor of the House will be limited to those Members who are scheduled to speak..required to cleanse their hands with waterless hand sanitizer before entering and departing chamber.

Just now, @NYGovCuomo  mentioned "look for the silver lining" as we live through #coronavirus  crisis...From the song..."Look for the silver lining Whenever a cloud appears in the blue Remember somewhere the sun is shining And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you"

How #Illinois  Gov. @JBPritzker  and sister @PennyPritzker  - billionaires both - jump started #Covid_19  to help struggling Illinoisans get quick help from non-profits providing food, health, shelter, safety and financial assistance.

Today: @DickDurbin  said @JBPritzker  organizing airlift to bring #COVID ー19 supplies from China to #Illinois .

Resources for small business, non-profits, self employed - links to federal, state of Illinois and city of Chicago places to apply for #COVID ー19 loans -loans converted to grants if money used to meet payroll.

This is something: The rarely heard from @jaredkushner  moves onstage. He is at today's White House#COVID19  briefing to discuss how he is working with @fema  on coronavirus supply chain issues.

As #Birx  pleads for social distancing, @realDonaldTrump  is not 6 feet away at WH briefing.....Said he just took new #COVID ー19 super quick test and he is negative.

@JoeBiden  today on his VP pick from pool report: Called Obama to ask how soon he needs to start. “It’s kind of presumptuous, but sometime in the middle of the month we’re going to announce a committee that’s going to be overseeing the vice presidential selection process.”


You tell me how this looks: Sitting below the 11 white Republican men on the Senate Judiciary Committee is the female they hired to ask their questions to Blasey Ford. #KavanaughHearings 

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Unforced error by @AdamSchiffCA  near end of closing: His reference to @CBSa  report that if GOP Senators vote against Trump "your head will be on a pike." "That's not true," Susan Collins said from her seat on the floor, shaking her head AND Lisa Murkowski just told reporters...

For all of Lindsey Graham's heated remarks: Reminder, Senate Republicans blocked Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Would not even give him a hearing. #KavanaughHearings 

"I thought he was doing fine with moral courage until he got to the head on the pike. That's where he lost me." Murkowski and Collins are 2 Republicans Dems hope to get to vote w them for witnesses.

#WomensMarch @GloriaSteinem  "We've elected an impossible president. We are never going home. We are staying together and we are taking over"

Breaking: gives birth to girl on Monday, the first senator in office to have a baby. Only 10 women in Congress -in history of the U.S. - had babies while serving. My story:

This means President Obama will be able to host the 2016 World Series champions Chicago Cubs at the White House before he leaves office!

Keeper line: "When all was said and done, we were on the same team." on 2008 rival . They visi #McCainMemorialed  in Obama's Oval Office.

Stephen #Colbert  on #RNCinCLE  convention floor as Flickerman from Hunger Games #RNC2016 

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