Independent diplomatic expert. Previously Advisory Comm Rakhine, Myanmar; Dutch ambassador to UK, Mexico, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, SE Asia; UNICEF Tanzania

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Interview with official of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force, formed in late May to bring together Civil Defense Forces (CDFs) in Karenni State. Includes perspectives on the National Unity Government.

‘When “humanitarian issues” replace all other issues as the main priority, then “humanitarianism” starts to become a cover for the absence of action on the issues that really matter to end the violence, conflict and spiraling crisis’, warns Igor Blazevic.

China has become trapped,say @Jason_Tower79 ⁩ & Priscilla Clapp Cozying up to Myanmar’s junta puts investments at risk & erodes its regional standing. To protect its interests, it should press the junta to curb rampant violence & restore elected govt

Starting Friday, 11 June the G-7 will be meeting in the UK. The crisis in Myanmar is on the agenda. Brunei has been invited as chair of ASEAN.

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For the Arakan Dream, much will depend on how effectively ULA can change its administrative structures from those of a liberation movement to one of civic governance that treats all citizens on the basis of transparent & equitably-defined rules&regulations

The fight for Myanmar’s legitimate representation moves from #BIMSTEC  to the #G-7  countries who are urged to ‘fill the void’ ahead of leaders’ summit as UN bodies and Asian blocs fail to take on junta

How ASEAN’s 5-point consensus plan for Myanmar became irrelevant and led ASEAN into an existential crisis, while leaving Myanmar’s junta to do as it wishes. @NileBowie ⁩

@DrSasa22222 Looking forward to being on this panel with you.

#Bangladesh #MyanmarThe  FM is ‘t alone in wishing early repatriation of #Rohingyarefugees . The critical question remains the absence of conducive conditions for such returns. It’s not an isolated question but one inextricably linked with Myanmar’s crisis


Today, the many live images coming out of #Myanmar  are particularly gruesome. A massive crackdown is ongoing, with many arrests and, reportedly, nine deaths. The determination of the regime is showing and indiscriminate and disproportionate violence is used widely.

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More than one month after ASEAN leaders met to discuss the Myanmar crisis, the organization’s only action has consisted of lobbying against a UN resolution calling for an arms embargo against Myanmar.

My earlier tweet thread about my take on #Myanmar  and the question of international recognition was a little difficult to read. So here it is again in easier format

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A plan crafted by ASEAN for talks is viewed as insulting to elected leaders and peaceful protesters. #Myanmar 

Myanmar diplomatic and consular staff in New York, Geneva, Los Angeles and Berlin among those who do not recognize the regime that violently deposed the NLD government.

“China’s global standing is plunging as Xi Jinping attempts to whitewash atrocities in the name of empire-building.” By Simon Tisdall

ASEAN leaders won’t take kindly to being played fools thru junta backtracking & intransigence. The NUG looks better for it. Its constructive approach will have been noted far & wide. To ASEAN it looks like a more reliable partner, says @p_annawitt ⁩

Myanmar junta speeds up its legal campaign to intimidate critics & stifle public dissent, using incitement laws against anyone who voices opposition. Targets include celebrities, journalists, social influencers, activists & even makeup artists.

“Speculation on Min Aung Hlaing’s character has focused on his egotistical competition with Aung San Suu Kyi. Yet looking at 3 features of his performance could put the man in the context of the military institution: vainglory, ruthlessness & corruption.”

Concern continues to grow about the lack of follow-up to the #ASEAN  leaders’ consensus on #Myanmar  , agreed on 24 April.