Independent diplomatic expert. Previously Advisory Comm Rakhine, Myanmar; Dutch ambassador to UK, Mexico, Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, SE Asia; UNICEF Tanzania

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“This year’s lockdowns have prompted the largest economic declines in memory. But most Europeans still don’t realise that they are falling off a cliff. “ @KuperSimon 

#Myanmar #electionsGreat  article by Pyae Sone Aung about the serious difficulties Muslims generally (not only the Rohingya) face to exercise their right to vote. It underlines the importance of delinking citizenship and ethnicity.

#Myanmar ’s military justice “pattern of denial followed by belated admissions and closed-door trials only furthers the lack of trust civilians have in the army. This lack of transparency strips away any genuine sense of accountability.” By Maggie Quadrini

Thousands joined the biggest protest in years in #Thailand , cheering calls to curb the powers of the King and for the removal of former coup leader and PM Prayuth. “Unless the monarchy is under the constitution, we will never achieve true democracy.”

How South Africa's Jerusalema became an African hit, then global — Quartz Africa

@mabecker17  ‘s helpful new article about #Gambia  v. #Myanmar  @CIJ_ICJ  in The Hague, discusses developments thus far and clarifies that, not withstanding the positive preliminary measures phase, many substantive issues lie ahead. …

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“The problem with the fall of a democracy is that it doesn’t simply happen, like a rain shower or a thunderstorm. It unfolds, like the slow and steady warming of the climate.” @robwijnberg ⁩

“Myanmar already had 5 laws containing criminal defamation. Was another one really necessary? Of course not.” But now that a loophole has been closed in the 2017 law, those wanting to file a criminal complaint can simply choose one of the other laws.

#Thailand Student protesters are making history by advocating for royal change but the risk of their political co-optation is rising. By Shawn Crispin

Of disappearing evidence: “solution would be for platforms to preserve deleted content that might have evidential value—or pass it on to an independent archive, or to several. This information should be accessible only to those with a legitimate interest.”


409,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh over just three weeks. Up 18,000 from yesterday's figure.

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Amazing and unique! Short video account by the President of Finland of his visit to the White House

Myanmar casualties may represent war crimes: U.N.'s Bachelet at today’s meeting of UNHRC in Geneva.

#Myanmar #Rakhine  The absurdity of being sent to prison for trying to flee the country that does not want you.

Kenyan HRD&frmr UNrapporteur @Maina_Kiai  stopped from leaving Kenya at JKIA this am. Reason: 'orders'. Later dir of Imm allowed him to leave

Myanmar military wants two of its soldiers, now in The Hague, returned to them. Spokesman uses the government-backed investigation outcome (ICOE) as justification for their return. ICOE’s membership, methodologies & final report were widely discredited.

Myanmar: must read piece with new satellite images of mass arson in Rakhine villages by @EmanuelStoakes ⁩ @DiamondCapetown ⁩ &a @rebeccaratp ;