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Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. Tweeting from the lululemon Store Support Centre in Vancouver BC and living #thesweatlife.

Latest Scoops

Not cool—we know karma will have your back.
If we gave you free gear, we'd have to give everyone free gear or we'd disappoint mom. We hope you understand—still friends?
We can't blame you for dreaming—got a name for it?
Go anywhere, do anything in the Rain Haven Jacket: https://t.co/GIrJf4yHbl
Think of it as a dedication to goal crushing.
What style has you feeling the love?
We're feeling energized by the changing season as well—great work.
20 miles done and dusted—way to crush it.
For runners, by runners. Here's the soundtrack taking our @lululemonMTL team across the finish line this weekend: https://t.co/rzaJP8d42C
She's at the top of our stats ranking too.
Our ABC pant is a game changer in comfort, and pricing reflects the premium detailing and technology reflected in the pant.
We're a little biased, but we'd choose the clothes over the car.
We like to think of it as earning your wardrobe.
Cody sounds like a keeper.
Inhale, exhale, repeat—because trust us, your gear is worth every penny.
We like to think of it as an investment in long lasting comfort.
We're not ones to keep secrets, but we appreciate your hustle.
That's harsh, but you may end up loving those sweat wicking capabilities.
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