also the day after 3 House comms announced launching investigation in trump giuliani ukraine scheme

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DUP source tells me they are going to back Letwin - big blow for the PM,

'I will not negotiate a delay with the EU and neither does the law compel me to do so' @BorisJohnson  says he will not request an extension to Brexit

BREAKING: Three-and-a-half years, two extensions, seven defections, 21 deselections, three prime ministers, countless amendments, two prorogations, one Supreme Court judgement, 66 million Brits losing the will to live and we’re still at square one.

“Ever since @BTS_twt’s debut, they’ve never suddenly switched gears or changed pace,” founder and co-CEO of @BigHitEnt  Bang Si-hyuk tells TIME. “They don’t shy away from speaking about the pain felt by today’s generation”

"I don't like referendums but I think if you have one, then you have to abide by it" says former Prime Minister, Theresa May. #BrexitDeal  Follow #SuperSaturday  live here:

“God bless you as always, darling!” After witnessing an elderly woman take a fall trying to wheel her trash can up her driveway, a sanitation worker made sure that would never happen again—walking her to her door each time.

Turkish military forces and allied Syrian armed groups "have displayed a shameful disregard for civilian life...including summary killings and unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians, during the offensive into northeast Syria": @AmnestyOnline 

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"I will not negotiate a delay with the EU, and neither does the law compel me to do so." @BorisJohnson  says he is not "dismayed" after MPs voted to force him to seek a delay until legislation for a deal has been passed. Follow live updates 👉