@NPR  @NPRKellyT  @npratch  @SecPompeoe  full interview will be up soon. But here is the part that got him angry. She did her job for the American people. We ask questions because of the PUBLIC RIGHT TO KNOW. We represent you when we speak to officials who make decisions in our name.

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Worth noting: Number 10 refused to respond to press enquiries from the Mirror and the Guardian, and then has not responded to factual questions from others. It hasn't issued a statement for Cummings. Those are the official channels, and they haven't used them.

The old America built the interstate highway system, put a man on the moon and ended polio. This one has crumbling dams, ignores scientists, suffers from soaring inequality and can’t handle a pandemic. How’s it going to beat China?

Watch live: Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings makes a rare statement and takes questions, as calls for his resignation grow due to a 260 mile trip from London to Durham during lockdown

Exc: BBQs and garden parties to be allowed 'within weeks' under latest govt plan to ease the lockdown.

284 NEW COVID-19 CASES, HIGHEST IN 2 WEEKS. The Philippines continues to record new confirmed coronavirus infections as the country contemplates on whether to ease quarantine measures starting June. More on today's rundown of biggest stories on the pandemic here: THREAD

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“The cultural narrative that black people’s weight is a harbinger of disease and death has long served as a dangerous distraction from the real sources of inequality, and it’s happening again.” @SaStrings , on why COVID-19 is disproportionately killing us.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence participate in the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to help commemorate Memorial Day

Tourism comprises 12% of Spain's economy, and 13% of jobs. A lot depends on rescuing the summer holidays from the virus