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#Loseit is here to inspire your food, fitness, and weight loss success. Tag @loseit so we can cheer you on! (Support at @loseitsupport). http://bit.ly/getloseit

Latest Scoops

These Tips Will Help You Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss https://t.co/EcTIgN7C2s via @cheatsheet
"Mobile Apps for Truckers - What Apps do Truckers Use on the Road and Why?"

Thanks to @appscrip for featuring us!

How One App and a Pair Of Dumbbells Helped Doug Shed 153 Pounds https://t.co/T9llbms39v via @menshealthmag
1. Set realistic goals. 2. Get moving. 3. Watch how you eat. 4. Stick to a routine. You WILL see results! -Jocelyn, lost 60+lbs #loseitapp
'It is a Lifestyle Change': The 3 Steps that Helped this Air Force Vet Lose 80 Pounds https://t.co/xpUI0enNMH - big thanks to @TODAYshow @TODAYshowHealthHealth
Meet Ron, a retired police detective from St. Louis, grandfather, cancer survivor, & total inspiration! Update: He's 80 pounds ⬇️ 🤗
Listen to our CEO Charles Teague dish out the Lose It! startup strategy to @SaltzmanJason https://t.co/TNRWdOcgQ0 via @Entrepreneur
(sneaks in), hey uh, take this: https://t.co/2rUBiquZja (closes door)
😮 "I have told people about Lose It!, and they can't believe an app changed everything for me." Go Mike! 👏👏 https://t.co/2rUBiquZja
"These Foods Will Help You Fight Depression — and They’re Not What You’d Expect." https://t.co/9LkBhJBfWO
Thanks to @cheatsheet
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