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I like yelling into mics & pressing buttons. [snapchat: ajol.0918]

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CHICAGO ARE U REDAAHHH??! See u in two days!!! #chicagogonerogue
Finished my first half marathon today. Love these boys.. always letting me talk them into stuff 💜
Hey guys tickets are going fast! Am i gunna see you on tour?? Freeeakking excited!!!!! #gonerogue

Get tickets here👇
yep.. uploaded the Lost At Sea rehearsals on WTP :] #sorrynotsorry https://t.co/n6SuYfuWAw
Hey guys! Tix for my first solo tour go live OFFICIALLY TOMORROW 9/28 at 9am PST! but if u cant wait... use code “Jack2” to get em :) little brother will be there too! It’s gon be litttttt 🔥🔥

Info: https://t.co/FIpq2OirJd
Talked about a lot of heavy topics here. Hope you guys can check it out. Thank you for being amazing and sharing my story.

Amber Talks Feeling 'Lost at Sea,' the 'White Noise' of Her Career, Importance of Language & via #MeToohttps://t.co/ywGdBg5Bzs
📸: @StefanieMichova
How u guys liking the new singles and video? Ive been waiting a long time to share it with you guys and so happy its finally out! MORE TO COME!! #whitenoise #lostatsea #gonerogue https://t.co/tWAYU3sv3p
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