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Writer/Producer/Comic. Co creator of The Daily Show. Author: Lizz Free Or Die. Humble Poobah @ladyPJustice and @LPJLeague. Opinions here are my own.

Latest Scoops

Because lawyers just do shit on spec for their clients? GTFOH @realDonaldTrump
Dear @realDonaldTrump- The only walls that are a reality are the ones closing in on you. And you are paying for it. #TheWall
Two more days for open enrollment for WH Chief Of Staff!
OMG! @CW_Riverdale keeps getting better with the amazing @RealGinaGershon #Riverdale
Three more days for open enrollment for WH Chief of Staff
What's round on the ends and sexist in the middle? OHIO #StopTheBans
Fuck you Trump, just fuck off and fuck all you bullshit monsters who claim to care about life. You are killing my family and friends. https://t.co/MoL5HH6T1m
The only thing that could have been better about yesterday is if Nancy tossed Schumer her purse.
Oh I would love the WH Chief of Staff job, but I have a just accepted an offer to sift through the port-a-potties at Bonnaroo.
LOL! Someone wrote this and hit “publish” Biden Should Run on a Unity Ticket With Romney https://t.co/vvRw7reCuU via @politico
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