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Fresh concerns over the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill have been raised by the Law Society, which says it could violate "fundamental legal rights" by allowing police to delay suspects' right to legal advice or sit in on solicitors' meetings

The defence minister, Tobias Ellwood, has said members of the public should "step forward" during terror attacks after telling the Westminster inquests how he tried to save PC Keith Palmer's life

Police advice remains Run Hide Tell

Overheard in the office: "What do you mean don't use it? Then don't say it!"
Chief Constable Mike Veale, who led the probe into historical sex abuse allegations against Ted Heath, has been reprimanded for smashing up his work phone with a golf club after a 'poor shot' and then claiming it was run over

My mentions are a bizarre mix of people accusing me of being a Saudi puppet over the terror arrests story, and Saudis getting extremely angry that I wrote about a dissident being attacked in London. Cool.
A Saudi human rights activist who sought refuge in the UK has been attacked by men 'shouting about Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman' in London

Ghanem al-Dosari told me he was shocked that it happened by Harrods:"This is the area where I feel most safe"

Surprised you missed the UK's fourth terror attack last year. https://t.co/OUxQR2NnRv
Incredible investigation into the two Russian suspects accused of Salisbury novichok attack demolishes their story
- 'holiday' was booked a day before
- no record for their two personas exist before 2009
- 'top-secret' marking on passport

Some awkward meetings ahead for the National Police Chiefs' Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners after this report

Not exactly rave reviews of the Coalition government's 'bonkers' shake-up of British policing

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