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Latest Scoops

Another member of the UK's first known all-female Isis attack cell has been jailed

Khawla Barghouthi helped friend Rizlaine Boular practice stabbing techniques at her house and fialed to alert authorities to the plot

The High Court has ruled that the UK's refusal to grant gender-neutral passports is not 'unlawful', following a challenge by campaigner @ChristieElanCan

The National Crime Agency has called on tech companies to stop child sex abuse images being uploaded to their platforms, rather than just reporting what they find

There were 80,000 referrals to the NCA last year alone, up 700% in four years

The Justice Committee's report on the 'mess' that is probation since privatisation is unsurprising but brutal

MPs are calling for a full review: “We are unconvinced that Transforming Rehabilitation will ever deliver the kind of probation service we need"

The UK suffered more deaths in terror attacks than any other EU country in 2017, a Europol report has found

The UK also counted the highest number of known plots, and the most terrorists prosecuted

The delivery of knives and acid bought online to people’s homes will be banned under proposed laws in the Offensive Weapons Bill

It would also make the possession of knuckle dusters, “zombie knives” and “death stars” illegal, even in private.

Far-right activists are rallying around the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson to develop a new “racist street movement” with international support, MPs and campaigners have warned

An open letter calls for people to oppose 'Free Tommy' protest on 14 July

A man has been arrested over an explosion that injured five people at Southgate Tube station in London

The 23-year-old was detained on suspicion arrested on suspicion of doing an act likely to cause an explosion. The incident was not terror-related

The trial has started for an alleged Isis supporter accused of plotting to bomb Downing Street and behead Theresa May

Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman allegedly detailed his plan to spies and believed he was carrying an explosive device when he was arrested

ICYMI: A chip shop owner who enslaved homeless alcoholics and drug addicts has been jailed for “despicable” modern slavery crimes.

Harjit Singh Bariana made his victims work for up to 13 hours a day in return for food, drink and shelter

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