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An alleged Isis supporter who attacked police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace drew a picture of an officer being shot while in prison, the Old Bailey heard today

Uber driver Mohiussunnath Chowdhury denies attempting a terror attack in August 2017

There are legitimate questions of proportionality in this case, and debate around Home Office deportation policy, but this is *not* a terror case

The Aviation and Maritime Security Act of 1990 can be aggravated by terrorist motivation but it wasn't for the Stansted 15
Breaking: A group of activists who stopped a deportation flight leaving Stansted Airport have been found guilty of aviation offences

The Stansted 15 say they were "guilty of nothing more than intervening to prevent harm”

I can't see it because George Galloway blocked me years ago after I reported his 2014 earnings outside Parliament, but I hear has tweeted something pretty wild about journalists

Strong move to call us "subverters of democracy" while being paid to host a show on Russian state TV
Breaking: A member of the Windrush generation who was refused cancer treatment after living in the UK for more than 40 years has lost a legal challenge against the government

'MP' was refused a judicial review into 2017 NHS regulations

And the infighting begins! For Britain are peeved that more than a year after Ukip rejected its leader Anne Marie Waters, Gerard Batten has taken up her anti-Islam platform

He has also taken Tommy Robinson, who tried to co-found 'Pegida UK' with Waters in 2016
Robinson put on a show of loyalty to Ukip today, making only one mention of 'Islamisation' after being told to stick to Brexit, and urging protesters to get out their phones and join Ukip on the spot

After a wave of resignations, the effect of Batten's gamble remains to be seen
Today's Brexit 'betrayal' rally ended with Tommy Robinson hinting that he could seek to become a Ukip MP

When MPs condemned his visit to the House of Lords in October, he said he "thought one day I’ll be sitting in there amongst you"

After a chorus of Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen, the rally is now officially over - 10 minutes after the Met's deadline set under the Public Order Act.
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