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Police have been given the power to arrest people or fine them up to £960 for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules in EnglandStandard fine is £60, reduced to £30 for quick payment, but amount will be raised for each breach

The government has issued a warning over spread of disinformation on coronavirus as conspiracy theorists, extremists and fraudsters exploit the pandemic Fake medical advice is being shared alongside fake videos targeting racial and religious minorities

New government-backed guidance has been issued by the @CCDHate  , which warned: “Some of it is produced by extremists seeking to undermine faith in government and experts, some by grifters seeking to sell false cures and some are just sadly misinformed "

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Many extremist groups have attempted to capitalise on coronavirus Conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have been denying its severity or even existence, calling for people to ignore medical advice Officials fear posts will stop people complying with social distancing measures

It is not against the new coronavirus laws to exercise outside more than once a day or drive outside your home area for a walk, senior police officers have confirmed The public health regs brought in yesterday are less stringent than initial govt advice

Amid confusion over the extent of the restrictions, police are being inundated with calls from members of the public reporting their neighbours for allegedly violating lockdown NPCC chair @MartinHewittMPS  said officers would "respond in a proportionate way”

In a (remote) press conference today, he and the officer leading on coronavirus fines - Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen - were questioned on the extent of the law “The law doesn’t say once a day [exercise], the law doesn’t specify what type of activity that would be,” she said

“There isn’t anything definitively in the legislation that talks about whether people can get in a car to drive to a place and do their exercise ... we don’t want everybody all going to the same places to do their exercise. We need a common sense approach.”

Don't know why Richard Madeley is trending but I once interviewed him about his charitable work with a local hospice and the call ended with him giving me a really wild casserole recipe involving a tin of Heinz chicken soup


Exclusive: A woman who was sexually abused from the age of 11 by a grooming gang has been refused compensation because of a driving offence She helped secure conviction of 20 men by giving evidence about the horrific rapes she suffered in Huddersfield

Breaking: A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested on suspicion of terror offences "The arrest relates to suspected membership of a proscribed organisation linked to right-wing terrorism"

Britain First is urging its supporters to join the Conservative Party in order to “make Boris Johnson‘s leadership more secure” The far-right group sent an email to subscribers claiming “thousands” of its activists were becoming members of the Tories

The Queen's Speech included a law billed as a "crackdown on foreign criminals", which the home secretary claimed would make the UK safer It would apply to a current average of 10 people a year.

I'm seeing a lot of people tweeting about the Cyprus case expressing shock that the woman was questioned for hours without a lawyer present This also happens in the UK, where there is no obligation for rape complainants to have legal support or advice during interviews

A teenage neo-Nazi has been convicted of planning terror attacks as part of what he believed was an upcoming "race war" The 16-year-old boy had plans to firebomb synagogues in Durham area and searched for targets He had also written his own manifesto

If you are hearing about the 'yellow vests' who have been intimidating MPs, journalists and Remain protesters outside Parliament for the first time, here's a history of the group It's mostly made up of Tommy Robinson supporters, ex-EDL, Britain First and Pegida UK supporters

Absolutely stunning investigation on electoral fraud in Russia by Reuters. 'Officials at several polling stations were observed not keeping count..challenged with photos of the same people voting more than once, officials said that “they could be twins”.