NYC accounts for more than 40% of coronavirus deaths in the US

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Press pool summoned to Oval Office for photo op of President's briefing on the hurricane season.

The kid that played next to his dead mother in Muzaffarpur station is now safe with his grandparents. Here's a report. #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep 

28 North Koreans and 5 Chinese nationals are accused of setting up more than 250 front companies to launder at least $2.5 billion through the international banking system.

Harvard Law professor attacks homeschooling, in a bigoted rant calling parents racists & demonizing Christians. I respond pointing out that banning homeschooling is unconstitutional. She responds: “We are experiencing bullying in real time!” Really?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says platforms shouldn't fact check politicians. "People should be able to hear what politicians say" and it's the media's job to scrutinize their speech.

One question I've gotten on this is should Democrats be willing to say they won't pass a stimulus bill that doesn't tie unemployment insurance, and maybe SNAP, to actual economic conditions? Yes. Absolutely. Some things are worth fighting for.

These policies are popular, They are good economics. And if Democrats don't pass them, they're setting up a political and economic disaster in 2021.

Without them, Biden’s presidency will just be endless, brutal fights to reauthorize economic support, against a Republican Party ideologically and strategically opposed to further stimulus. We've seen this movie before.

Democrats have some leverage right now. Trump’s reelection, and McConnell’s majority, depend upon the economy. Whatever they say, they can't actually let the country collapse into misery. But if Democrats win in November, that leverage evaporates. So they need to use it now.