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Record Store Day 2018 list: David Bowie, Madonna, Prince among most exclusive releases https://t.co/inRnEtvLrc
If you’re determined to get into the local middle-class ‘oasis’, ask to go on the waiting list — and call once a week to check where you are, says Toby Young
Kyle Hartigan has joined the @Adelaide_FC’s long injury list, but the club’s won back lost respect with a 10 point win over @sydneyswans at the SCG. @pchilds7
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TIME leaves Putin off ‘100 most influential’ list https://t.co/mQMtaddVz3
Terminally ill Coon Rapids boy on cross-country bucket list adventure has died https://t.co/jtwQ3brKES
The assignment asked students to list the "positive aspects" of being a slave.
Man with gun, ‘kill list’ of Jews charged with hate crime https://t.co/x9cSVTh5bX
Eric Greitens was indicted on suspicion of stealing an electronic list of donors to the pro-veterans charity he founded in order to raise money for his political career. https://t.co/BacJa5TyqZ
A crane has been called in to lift a freight train back on track after it derailed early this morning. #AdelaideHills #7News
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A former Forbes reporter claims that Donald Trump, before he was president, called him posing as "John Barron," a purported executive with The Trump Organization, speaking on Trump's behalf and lied about his wealth in order to crack the Forbes 400 list https://t.co/LlSpz46PJo
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