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they hate on me but they hated jesus. lilyachty@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

wow platinum flame is here
Otw 2 the stu to finish this tape wit trippie...
I wanna do a big edm song and perform it at one of those festivals, which edm dj tryna make it with me?
i can’t beef wit u, u never seen a m
Acid Rap Got Me Through Highschool, Thanks Chance.
i know kanye album got some shit cus he made a troll song with one of the best samples i ever heard
1time we were in the mall walking and some one said to ugly god “hey look it’s ski mask the slump god!“ hahaha don’t believe me I have proof
Still wanna work with @wizkhalifa
It’s a bitter sweet symphony that’s life.
it might be a little late for this... but take off had the best verse on Motorsport.. 🤷🏿‍♂️
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