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Going to carpool in full zombie makeup. Happy Halloween to my soon to be embarrassed child!

Wish i could say the audio of @RichardBSpencer  losing his mind and calling Jewish people as “k*kes” after UTR is shocking but it’s not even remotely surprising. Oh and Richard you can go ahead and block me again now, you pathetic little freak.

If you haven’t read this article about who @RichardB Spencer truly is, I recommend you do so now. At his very core, Spencer is a monster. The recording released last night wasn’t the exception — it’s who he is.

I’d like to applaud the internet for creating a situation where when a certain Nazi podcaster’s high school yearbook photo is found I get notified by not one, not two, but five different people. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Hey Twitter, I don’t follow @JohnLegere  but apparently he wants some feedback from me anyway. Also not a @TMobile  customer. But magenta clothing is good, I guess.

Whenever I hear someone say “sunlight is the best disinfectant” I am reminded of this Zoe Quinn quote: “No, disinfectant is the best disinfectant. Some shit rots in the sun.”

We need to start talking a lot more about these third party data companies that pretend that publishing everyone’s home address/email/phone/lists of relatives online isn’t playing a *huge* role in the ease with which terrible people can make terrible threats.

Would love a Twitter DM autoreply feature so I could have this sent to anyone trying to drag me into any insanity: “I regret to inform you all that I am unavailable to partake in Twitter drama due to the demands of the holiday season.”


Women deal with unstable misogynistic men who sit shielded behind a computer screen and wreak havoc on their lives EVERY DAY. And our criminal justice system remains ill-equipped to handle these types of cases.

Jeffrey Epstein just happened to win $85 million in Powerball back in 2008 through the Zorro Trust. Gee, that’s interesting. I once worked on an investigation into how lotteries are used to launder money. All kinds of interesting options for would be criminals!

Christopher Cantwell, crybaby, racist, antisemite, misogynist, criminal, and self-proclaimed Nazi podcaster and bullying victim, made the 🤓genius🤓 decision to post last night on Telegram that he was at a screening of The Joker with a gun. You’ll never guess what happened next.

My statement regarding the @BostonGlobe’s decision to drop their lawsuit against me.

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Here’s a pointer. Just because you weren’t sexually harassed by someone doesn’t mean someone else wasn’t. If you weren’t, congrats. Happy for you. Maybe pipe down. It’s not relevant.

With the threatening a lawsuit, I will only say this. This isn’t about one text. This isn’t about just him. And this isn’t about just me. I’m horrified that the newspaper that purports to shine a “Spotlight” is doing everything in their power to do just the opposite.

In the end, Jarrod Ramos had multiple victims. But just like every guy like him, in the beginning he had one. Listen to the first victims, and punish the predators early and often, and we just might save some lives.