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When the Pussy wetter make the sex better

Coppin State University on Thursday my next show then we in the LOU on Saturday#OTF 

It feel good to have the streets the voice

Texting me worried I love you for that !!!!!!! But rip pop smoke

I’m in the crib smoking exotic watching narcos

I don’t understand the real definition of (LOVE) I need somebody to explain

I’m off twitter till no auto finished metrooooooooo


I stay to myself I don’t talk a lot

I’m not forcing shit on nobody it’s 2020

I don’t ever ask why I just let it be

Never let mfr think that you need them

I got feelings I don’t like to express or show

Let it come naturally don’t force nothing

I don’t argue wit niggas or bitches nomo

R.i.p juice ...sad day in the world today

Show everybody you don’t need em they gone think you acting funny ..... trust me