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Latest Scoops

Halloween should be a fun, family-friendly experience. This is a gratuitous amount of horror.
Gmail's new type ahead feature is successfully proving that I really only say five different things in every email I send. Sadly, at this point it's clear my job can probably be fully automated by Google.
@alexia @MattRosoff Shoot, if I knew what #3 was, maybe I wouldn't have to be making numbered lists about how hard it is to bring new technology to market 😂.
Stages of bringing new technology to market:
1. "Oh hell no."
2. "Politely, no, that technology would never work here."
4. "Neat, but not a priority for us."
5. "Maybe!"
6. "Actually nope, no budget."
7. "Well this is compelling."
8. "Where were you years ago?"
Someone next to me at the airport just said “I’ve had this issue with AOL before and I’m just tired of it.” Don’t give up yet, random AOL user.
If competitors are catching up to your roadmap, you’re not moving fast enough. If you’re catching up to your competitor’s roadmap, you’re not differentiated enough.
Digital transformation is ultimately about getting closer to the value proposition any customer wants: solving a problem better than before, with greater convenience, at a lower price. Any digital strategy that doesn’t advance this is just distraction.
Amazon launched its own Microwave today. Which means they’re now fully vertically integrating everything you need to build a startup, from the computing for your app to how you’ll cook your meals.
Value is created in a startup when you solve a really hard problem for a customer in an insanely elegant way. Scaling is somehow continuing to do this despite the constant threats that get in the way.
Benioff now owns Time Magazine. Bezos owns the Washington Post. If anyone has a reasonably priced blog on Medium for sale, please reach out to me.
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