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Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); Huge ABBA fan. I don't fully endorse anything I say below. Go ☁

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God help the patients of the orthodontists that purchase this book.
Congrats on the launch @sarahcuda — awesome and well-needed platform!
The great thing about Trump is he makes starting global trade wars so relatable by using the tactics we all remember from working with our first landlord.
Incredibly sad to see the YouTube shooting today 😳. Our thoughts are with our Google friends and their families. #NeverAgain
This is just cruel to joke about launching what would be the single most important invention in history.
The future of work is enabled by seamless interoperability of cloud platforms, devices, and apps. Excited to integrate Box and Apple iWork!
Congrats @drewhouston and @dropbox on the epic IPO! Welcome to the neighborhood!
We're in the very early stages of a major shift in software. As more of the world goes digital, the responsibility of tech companies grows exponentially. The days of arguing that (and acting like) tech companies are merely platforms and pipes are behind us.
Welp. Tech is definitely about to get regulated. And probably for the best. https://t.co/hvibNfqSRL
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