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Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); Huge ABBA fan. I don't fully endorse anything I say below. Go ☁

Latest Scoops

Seattle’s biggest tourist attraction is now the first Amazon Go store. It has everything you’d want in a landmark: long lines, people taking selfies, and the ability to leave with a toothbrush and deodorant without checking out.
The new Gmail has a feature which reminds you when people haven’t responded to your email after a few days. One small step for machine learning, one giant leap for micromanagement.
The act of separating families at the border is inhumane and un-American. We cannot let this continue. We need our government to address immigration in a compassionate and scalable way *now*.
The digital age is defined by software, and GitHub has redefined how the world contributes, shares, and manages code. Brilliant move by Microsoft. Congrats @satyanadella
“What do you mean you weren’t prepared for GDPR?”
That’s just how my face looks these days.
Listen, we're in the future now. That means if you really want to have a private conversation, it's best to do it outside your house where the AI can't hear you and accidentally send your chat to someone else.
The future of email is just receiving GDPR privacy notices until your inbox fills up and you no longer have the will to use email anymore.
Thanks Mom for teaching me about the importance of hard work, standing up for your values, and of course limitless preparedness tips about extremely rare issues and disasters that keep me alive to this day. ❤️
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