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@NikkiHaley  @standamericanowDo  you or the rest of the gutless gang of @GOPeunuchs  and Turd Reich henchwomen really have the courage to stand up to ? @realDonaldTrump  Rhetorical question. You are an embarrassment to women of all colors.

@Rep_Matt_Gaetz  If you're not ashamed of what you, your gutless gang o @GOPf  eunuchs an @realDonaldTrumpd  did to America, you don't deserve America #GOPTraitors .

@Diane_Warren  If you haven't watched yet, I saw it last night, check out @RichardEngel 's brilliant, yet terrifying special report on neo-Nazis taking a page out of @realDonaldTrump 's playbook.

I think @TheDemocrats  should hire Dr. Fauci to do a coronavirus presser daily on TV for those of us who trust him over the guy who retweets the host of Love Connection.

@ProjectLincoln  I appreciate his candor, but still cringe when I hear how people voted for this genocidal gaslighting ghoul because they couldn't stand @HillaryClinton . Anyway, #OnwardTogether  . #VoteBidenToSaveAmerica 

The biggest political embarrassment in Florida since hanging chads, disheveled deer in the headlights #DuhSantis  is blathering sweatily at an at capacity Miami hospital and has yet to announce any closures whatsoever. #DeSantisResignNow 

It's about time someone called him out to his sweaty face!

@realDonaldTrump  @Andrzej DudaNice “friend.” Duda has said he would ban teaching about LGBTQ issues in schools and labelled LGBTQ "ideology " more destructive than communism.


France's ambassador to the US puts Trump in his place.

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OMG. My husband just called and said "Remember that picture I texted you of that crazy Trump van that delivered lunch to my office? THAT WAS THE GUY!" This is the picture he sent me of the van parked at his office on November 1, 2017. #FloridaMan 

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THREAD: President Donald J. Trump, you do not have my permission. Please do not use the murder of my daughter to further your agenda to discredit the Russian investigation. My family and I have not even heard from you since this happened.

This speech is already historic. And when you look back on this moment, you gutless gang of eunuchs, @GOP , what will you say you did? Laughed it off or actually chose country over party? We won't wait for your answer and we won't stand for a compromised POTUS. #IStandWithSchiff 

My husband took the picture but won’t allow you guys to use it because you aren’t a reliable source of what’s going on in our country today. Sorry!

Thank you @realDonaldTrump  for already creating jobs! My friend is being paid to be a seat filler at your Inauguration! #TuesdayMotivation 

I just drove past those people lining the road& cheered them on. They were protesting you. You can't read the signs

BREAKING: One Broward County, #Florida  hospital is now at 105% capacity for ICU and IMCU. They’re admitting one #COVID  patient per hour. It’s getting critical. #FloridaCovidEpicenterC #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #RecallDesantisv #DeSantisResign #FireDesantisd #TrumpGenocideEpicenter

A note saying “Jews will burn” was found on the locker of a Jewish 6th grader in CT. This is Trump’s AmeriKKKa