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Kimberly Leonard

Senior health policy reporter for @dcexaminer. Former @usnews. Views are mine. @AHCJ DC chapter co-chair.

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The $200 prescription drug gift cards for Medicare patients haven’t been sent out — and Administrator Verma told me she doesn’t anticipate they will be.

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HELP Committee hearing for Xavier Becerra nomination is set for January 27. That comes one day before President Biden's planned executive orders on healthcare and abortion rights, so senators won't have details of those EOs during this particular hearing.


Democrats block Senate bill requiring medical care for babies that survive abortion

Journalists should stop using "too wealthy" to describe those who don't qualify for subsidies under Obamacare. Instead, specify what the salary cut-off is -- $48,240 for an individual, $98,400 for a family of four. Let readers decide whether that's wealthy.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 40 percent of #Medicaid  recipients don't work. Among them, 36 percent are ill or disabled, 30 percent are caregivers, 15 percent are students and 9 percent are retired.

CMS threatens to bar Modern Healthcare from press calls after reporter refuses to alter story

Hey everyone affected by layoffs! has openings in healthcare reporting, national security, breaking, and business. It's a great team! Email me kleonard(at). I'd be happy to forward resumes to editors.

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NEW: Ted Cruz bill would speed FDA approval of drugs OK'd in other countries

More than 13,000 people in the U.S. are on a waiting list to receive a liver transplant, and only about 400 come from living donors. I spoke with one such donor -- @edhenry  of @FoxNews  -- about his experience: