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Even when there’s no signs of hope, keep hoping. God didn’t bring you this far for nothing.

Congrats to all the graduating seniors who never thought they’d get here.

Teachers are essential workers.

I wanna hear what y’all can do! This weekend, we’re doing the Set Me Free Remix Challenge. Download the track at then send a video of you doing your thing to SetMeFreeRemi @gmail .com by Monday night! I just may FaceTime a few of y’all directly 🤷🏾‍♂️

Dropping a new video tomorrow at 3pm EST on my YouTube channel. Be sure to hit the bell so you don’t miss it!

If I was Batman my cover would be blown. I forget my face mask every week out here.

The time I had beef with Dave Chapelle over chicken - check out the full video at

Stop blaming. Start problem solving.

What do you do with a military official who has an affair with a woman while her husband is deployed serving the country? Also in order to cover it up the official reassigns the husband to a dangerous war zone hoping he’ll be killed.

My soul is grieved and Im tired y’all. Jesus give us wisdom and strength.


Yes I’m a Christian. Yes I make hypocritical decisions. Yes I fall. I stumble. I struggle. I am a mess. But I’m God’s mess. And he can turn a mess into a masterpiece.

Take a knee...people riot. Take a bullet...people quiet.

15 years young. 3.5 GPA Unarmed Innocent Killed by law enforcement. #JordanEdwards  #Justice 

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God’s never late, we’re just impatient.

2017 Changed me. 2018 Broke me. 2019 Opened my eyes. 2020 I’m coming back.