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I cover the U.S. Supreme Court and related issues for Reuters. DM me, or email: lawrence.hurley@tr.com

Latest Scoops

That was quick: NY AG first out of the blocks in saying he will sue to block net neutrality rollback
Almost certain for SCOTUS due to McConnell precedent. Who knows for lower courts?
STORY: Two Trump judicial nominations rebuffed by Senate https://t.co/VE3oZ5g13F
In Microsoft emails case at Supreme Court, the UK and European Commission have both filed briefs today
UK: https://t.co/clPvR2gHwe
European Commission: https://t.co/rLZG7DfH8y
First setback on judicial nominations for Trump -- but appeals courts are more important than district courts and those nominations are being confirmed at considerable pace
White House confirms that Trump district court nominees Talley and Mateer "will not be moving forward." Earlier, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley said same.
After reading this review I started watching Norsemen (The Office meets Game of Thrones) last night. Enjoying it so far
And that is basically it for 2017 from the Supreme Court. If only I could say the same
This leaves legal question unresolved. Court could take it up at a later date.
NEW: Supreme Court declines to take up LGBT rights case on whether federal law bars employment discrimination based on sexual orientation
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