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I cover the U.S. Supreme Court and related issues for Reuters. DM me, or email: lawrence.hurley@tr.com

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Mark Janus quits state job for conservative think tank gig after landmark ruling https://t.co/yvlqS7cRqr via @suntimes
Kavanaugh reveals that the White House contacted him about replacing Justice Kennedy just a few hours after Kennedy made his retirement announcement:
Brett Kavanaugh has submitted his lengthy questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary Committee: https://t.co/5GIG0qeekB
Odd thing about the Bounds nomination failing is that it could be argued that more controversial appeals court nominees have been confirmed with full-throated GOP support
White House official confirms that Bounds has withdrawn
After the confirmation hearing it did not seem to me that the complaints against Bounds had much traction, but in the Senate the margins are so thin it doesn't take much to sink a nomination if one or two Republicans balk
At one point in hearing, when talking about LGBT friends who have told him of being assaulted, Bounds became quite emotional. "It was very upsetting," he said.
At the confirmation hearing, Jeff Flake as well as Ted Cruz defended Bounds against Democratic criticisms
Although some of Trump's district court picks have been yanked, this is the first appeals court nominee to fail
First appeals court nomination to fail
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