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I cover the U.S. Supreme Court and related issues for Reuters. DM me, or email: lawrence.hurley@tr.com

Latest Scoops

EU agrees Brexit transition, UK renews Irish border vow https://t.co/Ey8UL5o7cq
Wait, what? D.C. lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by ‘Rothschilds controlling the climate’ https://t.co/JpkROtvn4E
#SCOTUS allows Flint water contamination lawsuit https://t.co/UiapOb7C0f
#SCOTUS takes up new immigration detention dispute https://t.co/KlrfTKgPG0
#SCOTUS rebuffs Arizona killer's death penalty challenge https://t.co/DU6qCZC5hu via @andrew_chung_
Other news: #SCOTUS will not hear challenge to federal agency power https://t.co/k3TuTSobBX via @andrew_chung_
Justices are writing re: some cert. denials, including Breyer on an Arizona death penalty case
NEW: Supreme Court has taken up a new case on immigration detention on whether in certain situations immigrants convicted of criminal offenses can avoid being held in immigration detention. It's a follow-up to the recently-decided Jennings v. Rodriguez case.
Bloomberg: Republicans remain mostly silent as Trump attacks Mueller’s probe https://t.co/TMpsuxl5JV via @bpolitics
"The university is known more for producing the most African-American students who complete M.D.-Ph.D. programs than it is for turning out pro athletes." https://t.co/RUespBR8YC
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