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I cover the U.S. Supreme Court and related issues for Reuters. DM me, or email: lawrence.hurley@tr.com

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Several key races this fall involve Republican candidates who have joined the Trump administration in asking for the pre-existing conditions provision of the ACA to be struck down. This includes GOP Senate candidates in Missouri and West Virginia
For the Spanish speakers out there, here's Sotomayor's interview with Univision.
Trump administration asks high court to halt climate change case https://t.co/QJBgSaOQae
Here is the disclosure page for the DC Circuit: https://t.co/PzBopPNoDl
Judges have to disclose attendance at privately-funded events

Also: "A federal judge shall not accept travel, food, lodging, reimbursement, or anything that would be considered a gift "https://t.co/4Z169Mq0se

In July, the Supreme Court said the administration's earlier request was premature but left the door open for further action: "The breadth of respondents’ claims is striking, however, and the justiciability of those claims presents substantial grounds for difference of opinion. "
It is worth noting that this is not a Trump-specific case. This lawsuit and others like it were filed before Trump took office & the Obama administration took a similar position to Trump.
Kids climate change case back at the Supreme Court for a second time: Trump administration wants lower court action blocked while it appeals
One of the great sporting stories this year is the rebirth of DC United following the signing of Wayne Rooney, who seems to be enjoying himself for the first time in yearshttps://t.co/IkWIDgytl0
There's a vacancy on the court right now of course, with Dem appointees holding a 7-3 majority until a new judge is appointed.
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