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Award-winning & -losing freelance journalist!!! Tweets are my own and do not reflect the views of Clay Aiken. lauren.duca@gmail.com

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Why am I even working this hard if Reese Witherspoon has no serious plans to adopt me
I don't want to speculate about Don Jr.'s divorce, but I can definitely say that an ancient witch has his soul trapped in a fart jar.
Pleased to announce that I'm back on my bullshit
I allot myself small breaks for pettiness as if it is a high-calorie snack
I'm trying to skip coffee today and I feel like a hologram of a zombie
Dear men writing email essays about what you really mean by your tweets,

I get that your intentions are good, but! you are projecting your mental labor on me, and, like, I'm already pretty fucking tired. Put all this anxious effort toward promoting women's work instead. xoxo, LD
Check out my girl Cavale on @Spotify: https://t.co/5ffOvJjdN4 (She's like Lana meets Neko, in the most wonderful way, and way more people should know about her. 💕)
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How is this not the movie poster for a B-list screwball comedy
ME: Can it be spring now though

MY MENTIONS: STFU DUMB SPRING LOVING BITCH you probably like sunshine too. haha jerk. idiot.
"They're trying to get young, 14, 15, 16-year-old kids to vote Democrat in the fall. " - @seanhannity- in regard to 14, 15, and 16-year-old kids WHO ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VOTE YOU ROTTING OLD SPONGE
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