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Award-winning & -losing freelance journalist!!! Tweets are my own and do not reflect the views of Clay Aiken. lauren.duca@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

"The Shape of Water" is absolutely magical, and what I'm trying to tell you is that I've been walking around my apartment sporadically shouting, "You were speaking Russian, BOB."
The best way to deal with accidentally Super Liking someone is immediately changing your identity and entering the witness protection program
That the United States is under threat of authoritarianism has been clear from some time now, but the #CDC7words really spells it out
The list of CDC banned words is a descent into anti-intellectualism so staggering, even a [redacted] would find it absurd #CDC7words
Not to be petty, but I can't wait for Roy Moore to find out he lost
At the end of the year, I'm unplugging for 2 weeks in Japan with my best friend. The only flaw in this plan is I see no reason to come back.
This is a subtweet of the GOP, right?
It's like Bridget Jones and an ancient hell demon had a baby
Blessed be the fruit.
The American people deserve an ethics investigation into Donald Trump's alleged sexual misconduct. https://t.co/ZEoUh74Jh7 via @TeenVogue
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