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In all seriousness, journalists should be terrified of Trump, & doing everything possible to check his power. (Read: Fuck off, Megyn Kelly.)
Note to self: When you start A-B testing Megyn Kelly digs, it might be time to log off
Lmao remember Monday
Omg I love watching my stories
Let's make sure this thing is dead, folks.

Murkowski: 202-224-6665
Collins: 202-224-2523
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To be clear, the GOP is pro-life for cell clusters ONLY. Under #GrahamCassidy, human beings will kindly refer to their state's block grant.
In honor of the 80th anniversary of "The Hobbit" I am having Second Happy Hour
There have been so many years in this week
Me not being scared of "IT"
Lol I love when people call me a "bimbo." At least be CURRENT with your misogynistic digs! I'm so embarrassed for you!
The aesthetics of principled conservatism can be traced back to William F. Buckley, but, like, he was a white nationalist piece of shit too.
You guys are right. I have an obvious bias toward building a truer and more equitable democracy. I'm shameless about it, really.
YESSS gimme all that ghost content
"The Hobbit" is a perfect book. I will absolutely die on this smial.
If "the media" was a liberal info machine, there'd be a full-fledged narrative about how Trump might have dementia (see also: #SickHillary)
This is cute, Neil
.@GOP The entire concept of insurance is healthy people subsidizing sick people, you anti-intellectual greed goblins.https://t.co/qDABs5efO4
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