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strong men like Duterte, Maduro, and al-Bashir. Leaders who believe they do not answer to anyone and are above the law. We just endorsed slaughter & starving of millions w/ a simple handshake w/ a person too paranoid to allow his fecal matter to experience Singaporean sewers. /3
entire quadrant of the world, north east Asia hostage with nuclear weapons. Our country, the most powerful nation, a beacon of light, a paragon of liberal democracy just legitimized a modern day Stalin. By doing this, you’ve emboldened other tin-pot dictators around the world. /2
You’re all bastards. Each and every one of you fawning over Trump and Kim. The President of the United States of America just legitimized one of the most repressive regimes known to man. A regime which starves and slaughters its people in death camps. A regime which holds an /1
Team Treason is in a panic. The bots & trolls are going wild. Tons of them pushing fake opp from the left. Hold tight, Patriots. Watch me trigger some. Democrats need to drop identity politics & invite centerists & GOP Never Trumps into their Tent. Bernie is a major problem.
No doubt. These two idiots, Davidson and Cohen, are done practicing law.
“We knew we had a Russian agent on our hands.” Top NSA official said recently - about Trump. Another massive bombshell by @20committee https://t.co/rXFTgN42M0
It’s all about the money. #TrumpRussia is a culmination of many criminal organizations working together in order to create an environment where they can act with impunity. That meant taking down the Rule of Law - the US. Much easier to do business without /1
@911CORLEBRA777S@LouiseMenscho@thespybrief @FelisDavea@ericgarland deputy campaign finance chair of the RNC was invited to a company who ‘may’ have been involved with a Russian Oligarch and said DCFC - Douchebag Cohen - took a significant amount of money from them for ‘consulting work’...... hmmmmmmm
LOL. Let me translate “ @MichaelAvenatti is kicking our assess so badly we’re begging the Court to order him to stop hurting us. Please, Your Honor, he makes us cry, Bigly...!!!” #bastahttps://t.co/EnfmzFxWT1
He’s scared of you, Michael. He doesn’t know how to handle someone clearly superior to him.
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