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So #MAGA this scumbag @realDonaldTrump just fired Andrew McCabe, a Patriot who worked his ass off for 20 years for the @FBI , so he would lose his pension. Orange Fuckface, who never worked an honest day in his life, did this b/c he’s a vindictive little prick.When is it enough?
@911CORLEBRA777E@DrDenaGraysons@ericgarlands@LouiseMensche@thespybriefntially it means they’re accusing Putin of a war crime. This can give the ICC at The Hague jurisdiction over the possible criminal prosecution of Putin. Where an individual state cannot exercise jurisdiction over a possible war criminal, The Hague via the Rome Treaty may./1
I agree and support this.
It should be noted that this meeting between Prince and Dmitriev was first reported by @LouiseMensch over 11 months ago. https://t.co/aHFzvpuqxg h/t @Oski_oui_oui
New piece from @20committee Putin is going all out to stop the West. He will lose. https://t.co/V9rpViL9Xh
@DLoeschT@Alyssa_Milanoh@amazonat’s a direct threat, Dana. That could be construed as a criminal act. An incite to violence. 18 USC 373.
Attorney-Client privilege cannot be used to shield illegal conduct which the attorney may be a party to.
Three warrants from Mueller were delivered to British authorities last week.
Just finished a deposition of my client who’s an African immigrant to this Country. During the background portion, it came out that he was a child solider for an African warlord. The horrors he had to endure were unspeakable. Murder, rape, slaughtering of entire communities /1
So I’ve seen a number of fluff news pieces from the likes of @ABC , @CNN , and other media attempting to magically remake North Korea into something tolerable, even likable w/ the roll out of Kim Jong Un’s ‘sister’ & friendly dancing mask ppl. This regime is a mass murdering /1
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