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Latest Scoops

Pedro, do you think Putin gave Trump the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ breakup talk?
Why not both? Let’s have the cake AND the pie.
They’re royally screwed for doing this. The attorneys themselves might be in legal jeopardy. This may blow up the defense teams for all these clowns.
Pedro, if Santorum had sexual relations with Butina, is it as if he had sexual relations with everyone she had sexual relations with before him?
Some thoughts on #Khashoggi murder and it’s relationship with Turkey, KSA, US, and Russia. There is very little chance that Turkey’s security services weren’t aware of KSA’s plans to murder Khashoggi. They probably gave the ok on it. That’s most likely why the Turks /1
Boom! Sinclair et, al in the barrel! https://t.co/WCL9ghg3MO
Yet again you dishonor the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our allies and the Republic. You are a hollow shell of base needs. An undisciplined toddler who uses his feces as finger paint. Freedoms bane. You’re going to prison, Traitor.https://t.co/QRh8o5YoXv
Under the statute, it appears Rod Rosenstein may be Acting Attorney General. Regardless, Mueller and Rosenstein have been fully prepared for this eventuality. I promise you they have countermeasures. We will probably see many indictments unsealed in the coming days. These /2
Poor Russian Oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev arrested.....so sad. That's what happens when you attempt destroy liberal democracy. We're coming for you h/t ping https://t.co/aqT2p7FZUS
This is it Patriots. 24 hours until we send the Russian GOP packing. 24 hours until we reawaken & take back our birthright. The Founding Fathers gave us the ultimate weapon to do so. The power to Let#VOTE’s use it to show what happens to people & parties who betray the Republic.
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