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Eric Sondheimer has been covering high school sports for the Los Angeles Times since 1997 and in Southern California since 1976.

Latest Scoops

Angels pitcher Garrett Richards' stem cell treatment failed. That should help dispel the stem cell hype https://t.co/8xTlsssruf
Well, I guess the Dodgers still haven't learned how to pitch to the Astros.
MLB Commissioner places blame for Mike Trout's lack of national visibility on Trout https://t.co/4n2hV0M3qr
Getting Manny Machado would let the Dodgers steal the spotlight https://t.co/RDJp5zvduV
Hey, that's Trevor Bauer with a Go Pro on his hat. Will he pitch with it? Only from Hart High.
Birmingham’s four-year players. LB Giancarlo Tarifa and QB Jason Artiga. Loyal Patriots. Official practice starts Monday.
Status update on the new Birmingham field. Nothing! Time to speed it up.
MLB explores streaming option to resolve Dodgers' TV blackout https://t.co/2EBMJLbZjo
He could be good linemen for football team
SNL needs to come back for a special Saturday edition. There’s too much comedy taking place.
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