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Eric Sondheimer has been covering high school sports for the Los Angeles Times since 1997 and in Southern California since 1976.

Latest Scoops

Plane crashes onto 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills https://t.co/LCZrQeJ96P
The day is coming soon when Pasadena natives and football cornerbacks David Long, Myles Bryant and Darnay Holmes will all be in the NFL locking down receivers.
Here’s the most misleading stat about good cornerbacks. They are listed for making zero tackles because they’re so good QBs don’t challenge them. David Long of Michigan having great season. Loyola grad had three pass breakups vs MSU. Zero tackles. NFL player.
UCLA basketball has its exhibition basketball opener Saturday at 7:30 pm at Pauley Pavilion.
Cassell's Hamburgers' excellent patty melts come to downtown L.A. on Oct. 29 https://t.co/8QWLd586Dk
Say what you want about St. John Bosco, but every football game, the Braves put their stats up live on https://t.co/Bp3yS9y4EJ. Nothing to hide. Just like a college team. Great exposure.
Just a little suggestion: City Section football coaches must find a way to post stats. "It's not tough," said one coach who posts stats. It truly would help bring more attention to players.
Division 1 football playoffs in Southern Section will go according to script. Division 2 and 3, though, watch out. Lots of balance. Lots of chances for "upsets."
Beau Hobbie of San Marino is making grandpa proud https://t.co/8RuSuKSDY5
Peninsula football parents placed their trust in coach Dave Young, and he has delivered https://t.co/VbrF0DfKB4
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