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“One must properly season the flag,” Gregory “Joey” Johnson said. “With the right amount of lighter fluid.”

Column: Trump is following the reelection playbook of Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy

Column: People still not wearing masks? Maybe it’s time to start enforcing the order

"Maybe I do have too many white friends — or maybe the white friends I have need to have more Black friends, so I don’t have to carry the full load of their angst. It’s been exhausting."

Editorial: Annexing the West Bank would only undermine Israel's security

Editorial: Yes, we're all tired, but keep that mask on

Editorial: When will we live up to our Declaration of Independence?

When it comes to COVID-19, a college campus is like a cruise ship, a cinema multiplex and a restaurant all rolled into one

Editorial: L.A. is being forced to house 3,100 people under freeways. What about everyone else?

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is caring, competent and progressive. She would make an excellent VP


The danger facing journalists in Hong Kong is a threat to press freedom everywhere.

Trump may think that formally forgiving those who have been convicted of or charged with committing war crimes is being pro-military. Exactly the opposite is true, write @tedlieu  and @RepRubenGallego .

"Rosenstein forfeited his legacy," writes @page88 . "He now deserves to be known as an obstructor of justice and not an avatar of it." "And he seems to know it."

"Cheaters are especially malevolent actors in a social system because they paralyze competitions and contracts, demoralizing both their teammates and their opponents," says @page88 

I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality, writes @JRosenworcel 

"A lot of nut jobs have peddled lies to Americans before, and even styled themselves as messianic," writes @page88 . "But at no time in history have so many Americans been drawn to what’s looking increasingly like a cult. I don’t use the term recklessly."