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Defense rests in Manafort trial without presenting witnesses https://t.co/O2l5C5ORMx
Aretha Franklin is reportedly in hospice care as Beyoncé and more voice support https://t.co/Utr9KuW4WI
When fires hit and pets go missing, this San Diego crew hits the road https://t.co/9nEA4NjQmu
Yosemite Valley is set to reopen as firefighters strengthen containment of the Ferguson fire https://t.co/MNWjqQcT0S
LAPD's new chief played by the rules and got $1.27 million. The rules need to change https://t.co/2pXlBqSyde (via @latimesopinion)
"Crazy Rich Asians" could be groundbreaking for Hollywood. Will its box office open the film industry's doors? https://t.co/F5bkmIfTUW
Tesla board moves to explore going private, and shareholders sue over Elon Musk's tweets https://t.co/ix3xZs16Wi
Breaking: The Trump campaign is raising the stakes in its fight with Omarosa, filing for arbitration against her alleging breach of a secrecy agreement https://t.co/79Y8B979Np
“I have to wear the white hat here,” said Lynn Uilkema, a Contra Costa County prosecutor who was involved in the dismissals. “If I have reason to doubt the credibility of an officer, or a witness, then anything that witness introduces, I can’t use.https://t.co/O9BvVWipid
Some defendants said they were innocent, but in other cases, there was compelling evidence that defendants were in fact guilty.
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