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Sexual misconduct allegations leave a swath of Los Angeles County without representation in the Capitol https://t.co/SmFIDZ5BA7
Elizabeth Swaney basically attempted no tricks during her halfpipe runs in Pyeongchang. What was she doing at the Olympics? https://t.co/FjXEo77s7m
Amanda Renteria, the newest candidate in California's race for governor, releases video to introduce herself to voters https://t.co/4l8Kb0Gg8K
Fox News will launch an over-the-top TV streaming service for "superfans" https://t.co/hpqZlaPV9b
Trump again seeks to end funding for earthquake early warning system https://t.co/m9JU6xteVW
Many of this year's Oscar nominees spotlight struggling working-class heroes https://t.co/8f7LrAjLaN
Trump administration takes new steps to loosen health insurance rules https://t.co/AHITzUZaoD
Russia investigation leads to charges against lawyer linked to Trump's former campaign aides https://t.co/HPVi5E7C8Z
Inflation-stricken Venezuela launches a digital currency, the petro https://t.co/ruagedPfxa
Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings, Post-ABC poll finds https://t.co/QqppliQFUW
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