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BREAKING: Interim MSU president John Engler set to resign, just days after he said some of #LarryNassar's survivors were “enjoying” their moment in the “spotlight.” https://t.co/SFGN7OBzZ5
A really beautiful piece from Speak author Laurie Halse Anderson that gets at the heart of sexual assault. https://t.co/XIFhygKmsA
"I understand now that I was offered a seat at the table and I didn't do enough when I was in it." https://t.co/wDJ3kkg5Mb
Artist Aliza Shvarts began collecting rape kits from each state more than a year ago. https://t.co/LxvUwjWvId
it me https://t.co/PAjy3PAcH4

but, seriously, give me your free shit
Several members of the Women’s March have been embroiled in controversy in recent months over their affiliation with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who has a long history of anti-Semitic rhetoric. https://t.co/vb7jzwdgAY
“Sexual assault survivors should never have to beg to be listened to or believed, and unfortunately I feel like that’s what we’ve had to do this past year.” -- Christine Harrison, #LarryNassar survivor and MSU graduate https://t.co/AwAHFKjafS
A big thank you t @fatherjuanmistyo @SG_Klein @lola_starrgirl, , & more for taking the time to speak with me essentially nonstop over the last few months.
For the past two months I've been talking to #LarryNassar survivors about what's happened in the year since he was sentenced to life in prison.

Here's my first piece in the seven-part series “One Year Later: Larry Nassar & The Women Who Made Us Listen." https://t.co/AwAHFKjafS
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