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?Mirror on the Ceilin'? in my new song A-YO !New Album JOANNE also feat. MILLION REASONS is out NOW ? WIDE: http://smarturl.it/Joanne

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❤️@artbirdnyc if you like fried chicken and my family, it’s the place to be!
At my dad’s new restaurant #ArtBird at Grand Central Station in NYC baby. Just in case @JoanneTrattoria is all booked up. This is the spot for some family food ❤️
NYC Baby @bobby_campbell @formichetti
#Pride Dance for your life. #equality
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I love the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 community more than I can say. So I’ll sing it instead. Forever. And that’s a NY promise. One love!❤️#equality
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Loved performing and watching @itstonybennett sing last night. He’s a dream. That’s showbiz, baby!
Untitled Original 11383 John Coltrane WOW 🎷🎼
My mother and I, as well as the whole @BTWFoundation wish you a HAPPY PRIDE !!! 🎉🌈💕
It’s a dream come true and an honor to be a part of this incredible movie. Bradley's ability as a director, actor and musician is astounding. It’s called “A Star Is Born,” and I’m beyond thrilled for you to meet Jack and Ally. #AStarIsBornhttps://t.co/L1rIawrzJ4
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