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Producer on MSNBC's @TheLastWord. Former Sydneysider. Opinions my own. Please clap.

Latest Scoops

In 2014, while Chasisty Bee was pregnant, her supervisors at a Verizon warehouse in Memphis refused to grant her request for light duty. One day, after almost 14 hours on her feet, she started feeling dizzy and crumpled to the floor. She later miscarried. https://t.co/3lrpvW1w1t
The Chronicle endorsed Ted Cruz 6 years ago.
Lyft is partnering with Voto Latino to take voters to polls in Dodge City, Kansas after the city's only polling site was moved outside city limits. https://t.co/KRsvZEuVPk
Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi. https://t.co/5zrWAEbzZ4
There is no reporting that supports Trump's claim—a claim he made without providing any evidence—that "unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in" the migrant caravan.
Trump claimed Saudi purchases of U.S. weapons he arranged would generate "over 40,000 jobs," then he started claiming 500K, 600K, then a million.

From which source did Trump get these statistics? Axios asked the W.H. press office. No response by deadline.
"The suppression of minority votes is the homegrown corollary of the Administration's xenophobic rhetoric—an attempt to place a white thumb on the demographic scale." https://t.co/KE8kHPzVbr
Canada condemns killing of Jamal Khashoggi: "Those responsible for the killing must be held to account and must face justice." https://t.co/0rqqNRf01w
A remarkably comprehensive piece detailing the last days of Jamal Khashoggi's life; of the investigation that pieced together his fate, and of his legacy—much of it yet to be written—as the region, and beyond, grapple with the aftermath of his death. https://t.co/8KTbhgA4E9
The Arizona Republic's editorial board has endorsed Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema over Republican Martha McSally, marking the first time the publication has endorsed a Democrat for the Senate since at least 2000. https://t.co/DblsQtXmpc
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