Judge / House

JUST IN: Judge allows PARNAS to begin sharing documents and contents of iPhone -- initially seized by law enforcement -- with the House.

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Judge / House

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Parnas attorney, Joseph Bondy confirms to CNN he has turned over to the House Intel Committee an audio recording of Trump talking about Yovanovitch.

If you have an audio recording or other evidence of @realDonaldTrump ’s corruption, today would be a good day to share it. There’s no need to protect him any longer. This is the last year he will be president.

It was my honor to welcome our nation’s Mayors to the @WhiteHouse  as we continue to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between federal and local governments so that we can deliver great jobs, excellent schools, affordable healthcare, and safe communities for all of our people!

Have you ever avoided taking an ambulance because you could not afford it?

Quick! Get the kids in front of the TV so when they grow up they can say they saw @RepAdamSchiff  prosecuting the President in a Senate impeachment trial. My parents put me in front of the TV to watch JFK inaugural speech. Glad they did.

"I listen to constituents in my district. They are tuning this out. They are tired of the incessant impeachment coverage. They want us to get back to work...They overwhelmingly want this determined at the ballot box."— @EliseStefanik 

Adam Schiff delivers a list of "you will hear"s (setting up the President's defense) with the same intonation of "but Brutus was an honorable man."

Wait, he really ... didn't think a national security reporter could find Ukraine on a map?

The thing about the Parnas tape is, almost everyone around Trump since 2015 learned fairly quickly the easiest way to get him to turn on someone is to claim they’re a) leaking or b) trashing him, regardless of whether it was true. They knew the button to press.

@RepAdamSchiff : "I discovered something very significant by 'mocking the president.' That is, for a man who loves to mock others, he does not like to be mocked. Turns out, he's got a pretty thin skin. Who would have thought?" Watch --