HMMM: SCHIFF has issued a cryptic subpoena, claiming an intel community whistleblower's complaint has been withheld from Congress -- and could, perhaps, involve the president.

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Two decades after Donald Trump described himself as “pro-choice in every respect,” abortion opponents now unanimously regard him as their greatest convert and champion

34 U.S. troops sustained traumatic brain injuries from Iran's retaliatory missile strikes earlier this month

Events in both Richmond and Antioch this week helped bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking throughout Contra Costa. Thank you to all who are working to end these injustices. @CCFamilyJustice  @ContraCostaDA  @RPDCAOnline 

So @amyklobuchar  just sent out a full day schedule in Western Iowa for next Thursday. Don’t know what that means for the impeachment trial- actually I don’t- but it seems like it means something. Maybe a pause for witnesses? A day off before questions? No clue but interesting

One year ago, @N1ckSandmann  had an encounter after the @March_for_Life  rally that would change his life forever. 12 months later, he came back.

U.S. House of Representatives Democrats presenting the case to remove President Donald Trump from office wrap up their impeachment case on Friday.

DREADLOCKS CONTROVERSY: A teen withdrew from his high school after growing his dreadlocks for 8 years, then was told he was in violation of the dress code just months before graduation.

Even if EU countries overcome their different views and unite behind an approach to migration as open as Canada’s, adding over 100 million people by 2060, the average age in Europe will continue to climb, Nicholas Gailey writes.